The Art of Silence

(Meditating the Western Way)

By Elizabeth Baron & Sandy Frazier



For the first time ever, a medical doctor has endorsed a book/tape by internationally known psychic

Elizabeth Baron

Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Trance Medium


"Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to the voice within for the answers to those prayers." - Elizabeth Baron


"The introduction of meditation into my daily life was the keystone for further advancement and understanding. The concepts of karma and reincarnation; the balancing of body, mind, and soul; color therapy; and dream interpretation were further introduced to me by Elizabeth and her teachings. Basic to all these is the concept of loving myself and through meditation getting in touch with one's higher self.By my own personal experience, meditation has brought relief from work related stress, helped to control episodes of depression and anxiety and helped to find an inner peace which I never thought existed. I found meditation to be a wonderful focusing of the mind to give life more meaning and thus more abundance."

--William Humphrey, M.D., DABR, Putnam Radiology, P.C., Cookeville, TN


"Drawing upon an array of source material, Elizabeth Baron's tapes offer valuable information within an easy listening, self motivating context."

--Dr. J. Simoni, Los Angeles


"Elizabeth Baron provides the perfect link between traditional theology and New Age Philosophy."

--Rev. Timothy James


Now, by the same method William M. Humphrey, M.D. learned how to relax and bring more meaning into his life, you may have the same opportunity.


Add new dimension to your life by learning the practice of meditation - for relaxation and stress relief. Students of meditation are raving over the astounding results of the study of Far-Eastern lessons presented to you in this updated Western style!


Book - ISBN: 1884039006
Title: The Art of Silence (Meditating the Western Way)
Authors: Elizabeth Baron & Sandra Frazier
Publisher: New Life Books & Tapes
Publication date: 02/01/1989
Pages: 187
Binding: paperback




A complete guide for the beginning student of meditation and the companion to "How to Meditate" (now available on CD). Elizabeth Baron's gift as a teacher glows in the full spectrum of colors she uses to relate to each person interested in learning how to meditate. She is one of the only psychics in the U.S. who has been able to meet the endorsements of medical doctors, clinical psychiatrists and other respected professionals, many of whom come to her on a regular basis for guidance.


As you learn the art of going into silence, you progress through mental, physical and spiritual preparations toward the optimum meditative experience. You will take the steps to awareness as you get to know yourself on a deeper level, progressing through basic colour meditations, dream interpretation and understanding the God in YOU. You will learn the essentials of good health, how to breathe in the breath of life, the benefits of fasting, etc. and thus grow spiritually by learning to Let Go and Let God. You will gain a deeper understanding of your soul, your purpose in life, reincarnation, cause and effect and, finally, how to open up your spiritual centers. Elizabeth has used this book's lessons as the basic foundation for her seminar "A Day in the Light" for many years, teaching the ideals contained within this marvelous manual for full living.


Authors' biographies:


Elizabeth Baron is a well-known psychic/trance medium who has also been a teacher of meditation for over 20 years. She works regularly with the police on missing persons cases, is a successful author, businesswoman and artist. She has appeared on TV and radio throughout her career and also lectures at schools and medical centers as well as civic organizations.


Sandy Frazier, Elizabeth's daughter, is a New York-based artist, musician and writer. See her bio here.




This is a marvelously easy book to read and follow. With its companion audio tape, the beginner student of meditation may glide through the steps to awareness with courage and confidence. All the wonderful eastern philosophies Westernized.



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