1. Kyle Olson: Unpatriotic Teamsters Hoarding Mounds of Cash

2. Dave Bego: Who is Really Running the Country?

3. Ronald Kessler: Obama Needs to Heed Reagan on Jobs

4. Catherine Herridge: Bin Laden is Dead, But Are We Any Safer?



Unpatriotic Teamsters Hoarding Mounds of Cash

By Kyle Olson


The day before his declaration of war on the Tea Party movement, Teamsters President James Hoffa appeared on CNN and deemed American companies as “unpatriotic,” according to the Political Ticker: “I think the president should challenge the patriotism of these American corporations that are sitting on the sidelines,” Hoffa said. “The problem in America isn’t that we don’t have enough money. We’ve got more money than any other country in the world. The problem is American businesses not spending it and not getting it in the game.” Is Hoffa willing to have his own patriotism challenged?  Because some inconvenient truths emerge from the financial report his Teamsters union filed with the federal government. [more...]



Who is Really Running the Country?

By Dave Bego


It appears Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. is attempting to fill his father’s footsteps or, perhaps even more concerning, replace the SEIU as the principle influence behind the White House. At a Labor Day speech on Monday, he displayed his true colors, and by doing so showed just how desperate the Gasping Dinosaurs have become. Although it is concerning that  Jimmy Hoffa ordered a hit on the Tea Party, it is even more concerning that our President, who was present, has yet to say a word condemning Hoffa’s statement and his call to war. Furthermore, when confronted with Hoffa’s comments, Democrat National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to denounce them as inappropriate and un-American. [more...]



Obama Needs to Heed Reagan on Jobs

By Ronald Kessler


News reports and Obama’s comments in Detroit on Labor Day suggest he will propose a program that emphasizes tax credits for new hires, enhanced infrastructure spending, and yet another extension of unemployment benefits. These ideas are temporary gimmicks along the lines of Obama’s failed stimulus plan and cash-for-clunkers. The stimulus plan temporarily boosted mainly government employment at a cost of at least $228,000 per job, according to data released by the Congressional Budget Office. The cash-for-clunkers program cost $3 billion and “boosted auto sales by 360,000 during the two months it was in place,” according to a study NPR cited by the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Chicago. “But in the seven months that followed, sales were down by 360,000 compared to what they would have been without the program.” [more...]



Bin Laden is Dead, But Are We Any Safer?

By Catherine Herridge


From suicide bombers in small aircraft to surgically implanted IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) as we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, what will the next attack look like?  And why is the U.S. intelligence community and federal law enforcement on high alert? Who are al Qaeda 2.0 and the new generation of American recruits? How does al Qaeda use social networking to breed the new generation of digital jihadists? Catherine Herridge can tell you why the full story of 9/11 was never told and how new evidence presents a compelling case that an American citizen was an overlooked key player in the plot. [more on Catherine's book, 'The Next Wave'...]


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