1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is This a Job-Less Recovery or a Job-Loss Recovery?

2. Ryan Mauro: The Electronic Pearl Harbor

3. Kyle Olson: Frances Fox Piven: Tea Party is ‘Expression of White Nationalism’

4. Joy Tiz: Rauf Unplugged




Is This a Job-Less Recovery or a Job-Loss Recovery?

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro


In a powerful editorial this week, Investor’s Business Daily talks about our current anemic recovery with high unemployment.  They point out that today’s unemployment rate of 9.6% is actually higher that when the recession ended in June 2009, a date that the National Bureau of Economic Research just announced this week.  Then, it was 9.5%.  So, in terms of unemployment, the recession might be over, but employment has not bounced back.  Some call this a “job-less recovery.” According to Investor’s Business Daily, since the recovery began in June 2009, the economy has actually lost 329,000 jobs. That makes this a JOB-LOSS recovery. In fact, the American economy requires a GDP growth rate of about 3% to create 1.5 million new jobs - the number of new jobs needed on a yearly basis to keep the unemployment rate from going up even more. [more...]



The Electronic Pearl Harbor

By Ryan Mauro


Presages about the defeat or even the destruction of the U.S. by terrorists and rogue leaders are usually dismissed as bombastic rhetoric or self-induced illusions. The West’s enemies, however, are working towards the means to make their prophecies come true. Electro-Magnetic Pulse attacks with nuclear weapons detonated at high altitude and cyber warfare can enable ostensibly weak adversaries to deliver a crippling blow far greater than 9/11. [more...]



Frances Fox Piven: Tea Party is ‘Expression of White Nationalism’

By Kyle Olson


Progressives – and socialists – will do anything to discredit the Tea Party movement.  Just ask Frances Fox Piven, who, along with her husband Richard Cloward, designed the theory of “collapsing the system” to force socialist principles – primarily redistribution of wealth – onto America. In a recent interview published on CommonDreams.org, Piven said this of the Tea Party movement: [more...]



Rauf Unplugged

By Joy Tiz


The vetting of flim-flam imam and million-dollar slumlord continues with no cooperation from the moribund mainstream media.  Nonie Darwish, who escaped from Islam,  has exhumed some off-the-record remarks by the “victory mosque” imam that will never find their way into dinosaur media reports.  The interview from June 20, 2006 unmasks Rauf’s long-range goals for the United States. The great “bridge builder’s” game plan includes creating an Islamic State without borders, which Rauf believes would exist today if not for Western interference. [more...]

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