1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is the Great Recession Over? Will the 2nd Great Recession Start in 2011?

2. Kyle Olson: D.C. School Reform: R.I.P.

3. Joy Tiz: Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Goth Kids

4. Dave Bego: The Problem with Socialism is Socialism

5. James Hirsen: Is Detroit Becoming the New Hollywood?




Is the Great Recession Over? Will the 2nd Great Recession Start in 2011?

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro


If the National Bureau of Economic Research pegs the Great Recession over in June 2009, I think most economists would agree the recession is over.  So, what can be said of the economy today?  Certainly, the recovery has been very weak.  Unemployment is still high at 9.6% with about 42% of the unemployed unable to get a job for 27 or more weeks.  This represents very high, long-term unemployment.  The U-6 metric of unemployment that includes additional categories of unemployed workers (such as discouraged workers and those who want full-time work but settle for part-time employment) is almost 17%.  Just think, one in seven Americans can’t find a full-time job.  That’s abysmal. [more...]



D.C. School Reform: R.I.P.

By Kyle Olson


Reform of public schools in the District of Columbia is the biggest victim of the recent city election.  Mayor Adrian Fenty fell victim to Vincent Gray – and $1 million in spending by the American Federation of Teachers. The biggest winner in the election was not Gray, but rather Randi Weingarten, president of the AFT, the teachers’ union that represents D.C. school employees. The school chancellor, Michelle Rhee, was appointed by Fenty and was aggressive at reforming the district that had been spending the most per student but achieving some of the worst results in the nation.  She had pushed for eliminating ineffective teachers, rewarding the good ones and holding the adults more accountable for student outcomes. [more...]



Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Goth Kids

By Joy Tiz


Parents, take heed!  If your son or daughter is into the dopey Goth thing, a vampire enthusiast or Evanescence fan, they will be unable to run for public office as conservatives when they grow up. Delaware senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell offered herself up as the pinata on an old Bill Maher show and confessed to having dabbled around with witchcraft in high school. Although the GOP establishment went into hysterics, O’Donnell’s approval rating with teenage girls shot up immediately following the revelation.  Stevie Nicks has not yet commented. While you must discourage your kids from going Goth, they can, however, embrace Marxism, as did O’Donnell’s opponent.  Going Marxist opens many doors, including the one to the White House. [more...]



The Problem with Socialism is Socialism

By Dave Bego


Big government, totalitarianism, power, greed, central planning, redistribution of wealth, restrictions on personal freedom, no ownership of personal property, no self determination, government entitlements, no secret ballot elections, lack of incentive to succeed, government watchdogs, political elitism, government control and intervention, sameness, tyranny, violence, intimidation, coercion, pressure and social engineering are all characteristics of Socialism. History is replete with socialist regimes, like Nazi Germany and socialist Russia, which have imploded and failed. The simple problem is government or institutions created in or morphed into this likeness cannot create or invent and eventually fail. [more...]



Is Detroit Becoming the New Hollywood?

By James Hirsen


Over the past two years, more than 100 film and television productions have chosen Michigan as their preferred location in which to shoot. Why? It’s simple economics – the kind that Congress could use a quick lesson in. Simply put, tax rebates attract business and jobs. Michigan’s film incentive program offers up to a 42 percent tax rebate on any in-state expenses. As a result, entertainment companies have spent nearly $350 million this year in the Wolverine State and are likely to pay out $650 million by the year’s end. Most of the productions, around 80 percent, take place in the city of Detroit. [more...]

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