1. James Hirsen: Donald Trump’s ‘GOP Presidential Apprentice’

2. Tony Katz: Anatomy of a White(House)Wash

3. Ray Peach: Obama, Clinton’s Global Initiative, and How Socialist Economics Really Works

4. Dave Bego: Sodexo: A Missed Opportunity

5. Joseph Klein: Palestinians Bring Their Intifada to the United Nations




Donald Trump’s ‘GOP Presidential Apprentice’

By James Hirsen


Donald Trump has a new political reality show of sorts. Even though Trump pulled out of his bid for the GOP nomination, Republican presidential wannabes are queuing up at Trump’s boardroom door to try and win the top kudos in what could be called his “GOP Presidential Apprentice” show. Mitt Romney is the latest candidate to seek an audience with The Donald. The former Massachusetts governor is scheduled to meet with the real estate and reality TV mogul on September 26 at the Trump Towers offices. [more...]



Anatomy of a White(House)Wash

By Tony Katz


In a piece on Politico, liberal standard bearer Sally Kohn posted her response to the growing Solyndra scandal, in which the Obama White House aggressively pushed through $535 million in loans to a company that was not financially sound, nor capable of providing the product or returning the loan. As Kohn wants it positioned, the issue is not that the Obama Administration pushed through bad loans, it’s that the Chinese are way better than the United States. [more...]



Obama, Clinton’s Global Initiative, and How Socialist Economics Really Works

By Ray Peach


Just days after Obama made his bid for a jobs bill, and on the same day he asked for $1.5T in higher taxes, Bill Clinton appeared on This Week, Meet the Press, and Face the Nation to promote the Clinton Global Initiative.  It should come as no surprise that both politicians touted the same party line, where the government needs to solve our problems through taxation and massive spending on public works. Central to their argument is the assertion that the politicians need to stop bickering; we all need to work together; our future prosperity lies in globalization; and that government and private business need to work together in partnership. At the same time, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner was delivering the same message in Europe. What these men are describing is a centrally directed mass economy – the heart of socialist economics. [more...]



Sodexo: A Missed Opportunity

By Dave Bego


Sodexo, a major player in the food service and janitorial industries, filed a RICO lawsuit against the SEIU in March of this year, because of the SEIU’s use of corporate campaign tactics to enforce “Card Check” on unprotected employees. Evidently, the SEIU’s failed attempt to have Sodexo’s suit dismissed and Sodexo’s intent to move to trial has motivated the SEIU to end their campaign against Sodexo.  Consequently, Sodexo elected to settle with the SEIU out of court. While Sodexo will characterize this as a victory, I find the result very disappointing, as Sodexo had the opportunity to take this case through the legal system, and had an excellent chance of winning and thereby setting a legal precedent that would have benefited employees and employers across the country. [more...]



Palestinians Bring Their Intifada to the United Nations

By Joseph Klein Reporting from the UN


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threw down the gauntlet in his September 16 address to the Palestinian people, televised from his Ramallah headquarters. He said he will take the Palestinians’ request for full United Nations member state recognition to the U.N. Security Council on the basis of the 1967 territorial lines, even though he knows that the U.S. has vowed to veto such a resolution. Abbas is asking the international community to formally ratify the exact physical boundaries of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian terms. [more...]

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