1. Wayne Allyn Root: Citizen Revolution – One Nation Under Tea Party Revolt! 

2. Joy Tiz: The Flim Flam Imam

3. John LeBoutillier: Whole New Political World

4. Ryan Mauro: Imam Rauf on Israel’s Destruction



Citizen Revolution – One Nation Under Tea Party Revolt! 

By Wayne Allyn Root


When I wrote my book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian,” I predicted that Obama’s radical Marxist agenda would lead to a citizen revolution, the likes of which had not been seen in this country since 1776. I predicted that this revolution to take back our country would be led by a coalition of Libertarians, conservatives, disgruntled Republicans, independents, taxpayers, small business owners, gun owners, patriots and Christians. That revolution now has a name: The Tea Party. And who are these new revolutionaries? Many of them are reenacting the ‘60’s revolution. They have evolved from peace and pot to pitchforks… from tie-dye to torches… from denim to deficit and debt…and from communes to condos. Today the Holy Grail isn’t Woodstock; it’s Washington. [more...]



The Flim Flam Imam

By Joy Tiz


It would seem that the Left has vetted their favorite religious figure with the same diligence they used on their presidential candidate.  Faisal Abdul Rauf, leader of the “victory mosque” movement, has a long history of fraud and chicanery. At last finding a religion they like – the one that requires the killing of innocent Americans – liberals have canonized Rauf as the consummate “moderate Muslim” and “bridge builder.”  Once again, they have elevated a huckster with a shady past to idol status. Not only is Rauf a conscience-free slumlord, he is filching from the taxpayers, fraudulently enjoying the benefits of tax-exempt “church” status. [more...]



Whole New Political World

By John LeBoutillier


With the primaries over and the November 2 general election only seven weeks away, the Left is in a total tizzy over the success of Tea Party candidates in GOP caucuses and primaries. For example, here is a paragraph from today’s lead editorial in the New York Times: “Democrats, especially beleaguered incumbents and the White House, need to counter the toxic message of the Tea Party so voters have an alternative.”

“Toxic message?” What is “toxic” about demands for financial sanity? Or not spending more than we take in? Or not killing the business environment? The so-called mainstream New York Times – and even much of the GOP establishment – is missing something: the American people know that the United States of America is in dire trouble. It is now conceivable to think that the USA could fail; we could implode with debt and be reduced to a has-been, once-great power. [more...]



Imam Rauf on Israel’s Destruction

By Ryan Mauro


Newly discovered statements by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero mosque project, show he supports the destruction of Israel. His supporters may hold him up as a moderate, but he has spoken out in favor of a “one-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and he sees peace agreements with Israel as a means to that end. [more...]

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