1. James Hirsen: Jerry Brown Neglects Duties to Seek Publicity

2. Dave Bego: NLRB – National Labor Relations Board or NBLR – National Big Labor Resuscitation?

3. Dr. Elaina George: Healthcare Reform? Promises, Promises

4. Joy Tiz: Don’t Make Me Behead You!




Jerry Brown Neglects Duties to Seek Publicity

By James Hirsen


Jerry Brown is a busy guy, but unfortunately he’s not so devoted to his present gig. Rather than fulfilling his attorney general duties to the citizens of California, he has instead been seeking publicity with high-profile celebrity cases. Brown latched onto the Anna Nicole Smith case, the death of Corey Haim and the criminal case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor. He even spent time on the TV couch with Dr. Phil. When for no apparent legitimate reason Brown dropped elder abuse cases, his opponent in the governor race, Meg Whitman, issued the following statement: “Jerry Brown has been using his official office to bolster his gubernatorial run, rather than protecting California’s most vulnerable citizens. Instead of going after defendants who are suspected of elder abuse, career politician Jerry Brown has chosen to pursue celebrity headlines.” [more...]



NLRB – National Labor Relations Board or NBLR – National Big Labor Resuscitation?

By Dave Bego

Another one of President Obama’s radical appointees, Craig Becker, is having his way with federal laws and is executing his boss’s promise to fundamentally change America. (more). Becker has been in his new Board position at the NLRB less than six months and is already playing a major role in reversing decisions and favoring unions to accommodate the President’s vision of a socialistic America and provide union paybacks! (more…).  Becker, much like Kagan, is another one of the President’s ideological lackeys who may be technically qualified, but lack the character, integrity and moral fiber to judiciously fulfill the duties of the position in the best interest of all Americans. Unfortunately, Congressional members on both sides of the aisle seem oblivious to these character flaws and how they will result in decisions counter to America’s core values and Constitution. [more...]



Healthcare Reform? Promises, Promises

By Dr. Elaina George


Now that elections are around the corner, members of Congress who voted for the healthcare reform bill are spending a lot of time back-peddling, avoiding the topic altogether or digging themselves in a deeper hole by claiming that Americans will have better healthcare with choice of doctors, and expanded coverage at an affordable price. Welcome to the world of one size fits all medicine where the patient will become a cost center and treatment will be geared towards cost containment while the potential for profits to be made on the backs of patients and doctors for the medical insurance industry, the hospitals and big pharma are limitless. [more...]



Don’t Make Me Behead You!

By Joy Tiz


The flimflam imam ought to run for Congress.  It’s just a matter of time before the Democrats recruit him.  He’s a natural master of doublespeak.  Rauf issued his warning about inflaming the normally peaceful and tolerant Muslim world right after assuring us that had he the slightest inkling that building a “victory mosque” at Ground Zero would cause upset, he never would have proposed such a thing. Of course, if the “victory mosque” doesn’t go forward, we will be severely punished.  Be nice to the jihadis and maybe they’ll behead you last. [more...]

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