1. James Hirsen: Is George Clooney Eyeing a Run for President?

2. Tony Katz: The Shame of Paul Krugman

3. Joseph Klein: Free Gilad Schalit Now

4. Kyle Olson: Will Third Government School Bailout Improve Student Achievement?

5. Dave Bego: Devil at My Doorstep; Obama Buys Votes from Big Labor at Enormous Cost to Nation



Is George Clooney Eyeing a Run for President?

By James Hirsen


George Clooney recently debuted his latest film, “The Ides of March,” at the Toronto International Film Festival. Because the movie deals with a fictitious presidential primary campaign, Clooney had to address questions from the press on the film’s political overtones. Clooney himself had previously indicated that he did not harbor any political ambitions. The politically tinged question that was asked had to do with whether or not Clooney had interwoven a political agenda into the film. He adamantly denied any kind of political implications or commentary to the film, explaining that the movie represents a study in ethics. [more...]



The Shame of Paul Krugman

By Tony Katz


Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning Economist, obviously didn’t get the memo about how to act on 9/11 (as if a memo on how to be a human being is actually necessary!)  It’s like he’s wearing a clown costume to a funeral – because Krugman is a clown, and 9/11 is a funeral. Krugman’s elitism makes him think that he knows what people in America are thinking.  His elitism has also turned 9/11 into a class war.  People on the “right” know that what happened after 9/11 was deeply shameful?  This isn’t true about people on the left? Actually, this isn’t true at all! It is a simpleton’s straw man argument to force through a failed meme – the left is more compassionate than the right, a meme that is also destroyed by posting such a hateful, thoughtless article on September 11th. [more...]



Free Gilad Schalit Now

By Joseph Klein


A teenaged Israeli soldier named Gilad Schalit was abducted from Israeli territory by Hamas terrorists on June 25, 2006. More than 1,900 days later, Gilad – now 25 years old – is still in captivity. He is held incommunicado, denied even a single visit from the International Committee of the Red Cross. The last time that Gilad’s family heard from him was two years ago. His whereabouts today are unknown. Holding Gilad Schalit hostage under such gruesome conditions is a war crime in blatant violation of international law. [more...]



Will Third Government School Bailout Improve Student Achievement?

By Kyle Olson


First there was the stimulus. The $787 billion monstrosity was critical to Big Labor because it would save public school teaching jobs, among other unionized positions. In fact, upon its passage, the News Journal reported on Joe Biden’s appearance before the Delaware teachers’ union. Citing about $105 billion that is coming to the U.S. Department of Education from the federal stimulus package, Biden said teachers will finally have the means to improve education. Then there was the “public education bailout.”  The White House told us the $23 billion bill – mere peanuts by comparison – would stave off a public school employee calamity. Is there proof that any of the money spent so far has done anything for student achievement?  I mean, even raised it one single solitary point on a standardized test? [more...]



Devil at My Doorstep; Obama Buys Votes from Big Labor at Enormous Cost to Nation


Obama’s proposals are 180 degrees wrong. Obama wants to drive up labor costs, not because it makes economic sense, but because it is the only way he can possibly be reelected. Below is a link to a post written by Dave Bego, President and CEO of EMS, an industry leader in the field of environmental workplace maintenance, employing nearly 5,000 workers in thirty-three states. Bego is also the author of The Devil at My Doorstep, a book based on his experiences fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today. [more...]

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