1. Dave Bego: Why Are Businesses Sitting on the Sidelines?

2. Joseph Klein: The UN in Action: Treading Lightly on Syria While Stomping on Israel

3. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama: Mission Accomplished

4. John LeBoutillier: Triple F Minus Rating

5. James Hirsen: Oprah: Obama’s Secret Weapon



Why Are Businesses Sitting on the Sidelines?

By Dave Bego


The answer is very simple: government. The federal government needs to get out of the way and let businesses do what they do best – creating jobs and stimulating the economy.  Government can do neither because it does not produce either products or services. Despite its good intentions and misguided political or social agendas, the federal government only serves to stifle economic investment and growth at the expense of taxpayers. Smaller government and less regulation are the answer as government overregulation threatens economic growth. Unfortunately, the current Administration continues to push its social agenda to the detriment of the very people who can turn the ship around. [more...]



The UN in Action: Treading Lightly on Syria While Stomping on Israel

By Joseph Klein


After more than four months of silence regarding the ongoing civilian massacres in Syria that have taken at least 1,600 lives, the United Nations Security Council finally issued an insipid “Presidential Statement” last week condemning “the widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities.” Such statements are nothing more than feel-good declarations that have no legal effect. Syria’s buddies on the Security Council – Russia and China – have made sure that no binding resolutions against Syria would pass. [more...]



Obama: Mission Accomplished

By Wayne Allyn Root


Barack Obama is my college classmate (Columbia University Class of ’83). I tried to warn the country that virtually all of my classmates and professors were Marxist or socialist, despised America, and wanted to bring down capitalism. I tried to warn the country that Obama would follow the detailed plan of two Columbia professors named Cloward and Piven – a plan designed to damage or destroy capitalism by overwhelming the U.S. economy with government spending, regulations, entitlements, taxes and debt. That is precisely why I authored what became one of the most popular commentaries on the Internet in 2010 (“The Obama Economic Plan – Purposely Overwhelming the System to Cause Crisis and Destroy Capitalism”). I predicted Obama’s radical tax and spend policies were designed to crash the system with debt, bring us to our knees, starve business owners (the biggest contributors to his political opposition), make us all doubt capitalism, and dependent on big government. It’s all come to pass. [more...]



Triple F Minus Rating

By John LeBoutillier


Standard & Poor’s Friday bombshell – downgrading U.S. debt for the first time in history – is actually a judgment of the disgraceful political spectacle of the past few months. Their AA+ rating should, in fact, be a Triple F Minus rating aimed at both political parties. The debt ceiling debate – and the outcome – show that neither party is yet ready to address the four drivers of hemorrhagic federal spending: 1) Medicare; 2) Social Security; 3) Medicaid; and 4) Pentagon. Until – and unless – the Republicans and the Democrats get serious about fixing and thus saving these programs so that we do not spend ourselves into oblivion, we/they deserve a Triple F Minus rating. [more...]



Oprah: Obama’s Secret Weapon

By James Hirsen


A lot of folks who were enthusiastic during President Obama’s 2008 campaign have turned lukewarm. But not Oprah Winfrey. The former queen of daytime talk appears to be ready to reprise her unprecedented chief political endorser role, this time for Obama’s 2012 campaign. Winfrey always had a habit of staying away from politics, but she supposedly changed her mind when she heard Obama’s famous speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. She may have ended her daytime show and may temporarily be struggling with her new cable channel, but her endorsement power is still intact, particularly when it comes to Democrats and Independent female voters. She has unequivocally declared in a statement to Politico that she will lend a hand once again to the upcoming Obama 2012 reelection campaign. [more...]

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