1. Dave Bego: A Death Penalty for Employees and Employers

2. Joseph Klein: Obama’s Plea for an Illegal Alien Rapist-Murderer

3. John LeBoutillier: GOP: The Politics of This Debt Fight

4. Ryan Mauro: The Nuclear Axis of Evil Advances



A Death Penalty for Employees and Employers

By Dave Bego


Dave Bego and The Devil at My Doorstep on Capital Hill Thursday to debate the NLRB’s Proposed Shortened Elections


Today I will accompany Mr. Larry Getts, a Dana Corporation employee who witnessed, firsthand, the ruthlessness of a corporate campaign, to Washington, D.C. and provide testimony before Congress on the horrors these campaigns impose upon employees and how they deprive them of the opportunity to learn an alternative viewpoint. Larry and his fellow employees were forced into unionism when Dana Corporation signed a neutrality agreement; the employees petitioned to decertify the union and had ample time (42 days) to meet with fellow employees and the employer to learn the truth absent of intimidation. Because there was ample time to allow the employees to become fully educated, he and his fellow employees were successful in their decertification petition. [more...]



Obama’s Plea for an Illegal Alien Rapist-Murderer

By Joseph Klein


Humberto Leal Garcia, who has been in the United States illegally since he was two years old, faces execution for the brutal kidnapping, rape, and murder of a 16-year-old girl in 1994. Garcia was 21 when he committed the crime for which he is now scheduled to face the death penalty… but not if President Barack Obama and the United Nations have their way. [more...]



GOP: The Politics of This Debt Fight

By John LeBoutillier


As we head toward crunch time in the all-important Debt Ceiling negotiation, the GOP’s Tea Party-inspired hard-line position has already yielded potentially game-changing concessions on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid spending from President Obama and the Democrats – all without giving up a thing! The GOP has done this by maintaining a hard line on “no new net revenues.” Faced with this position, the Democrats have continually retreated and agreed to even more cuts in the above-mentioned entitlement programs. As of today, it is being leaked by the White House that President Obama wants a $4 trillion deal – as opposed to the $2 trillion currently being discussed. The word “big” came out of the President’s mouth yesterday at his White House press availability. [more...]



The Nuclear Axis of Evil Advances

By Ryan Mauro


The United Kingdom is accusing Iran of testing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in violation of U.N. Resolution 1929. At the same time, North Korea is moving full speed ahead with its weapons programs. It is well known that the two collaborate on their WMD efforts, and it must be assumed that any progress will be shared. Recent advances by the two members of the Axis of Evil show that the West’s strategy against them is failing to stop their pursuit of the world’s deadliest weapons. [more...]

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