1. Kyle Olson: Chris Christie – Loathing New Jersey Education Association’s Tax Lien Troubles

2. Tony Katz: Screw Reagan?

3. Joy Tiz: Reverse Stimulus

4. Guy Smith: State of Denial

5. Al Fadi: Women under Sharia Law – The Dilemma of “Wife Beating Protocol”



Chris Christie – Loathing New Jersey Education Association’s Tax Lien Troubles

By Kyle Olson


An investigation into New Jersey’s largest teachers union finds that the IRS has an outstanding lien against the New Jersey Education Association for $56,730.31 in back taxes. The lien involves unpaid taxes from as far back as 2005; though most of the teacher union’s unpaid taxes are from 2009 and 2010. The federal tax lien was issued against the NJEA on December 7, 2010, and has been on file with the Passaic County Clerk’s office since December 21, 2010. The investigation was conducted by Education Action Group with the assistance of Mark Kalinowski, founder of North New Jersey Tea Party Group, which is based in Passaic County. [more...]



Screw Reagan?

By Tony Katz


This past weekend, as America celebrated Independence Day, a statue of President Ronald Reagan was unveiled in London. The bronze statue sits in the same park as a statue dedicated to the memory of Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which was dedicated in 1989 by the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher. The Reagan statue is part of the worldwide celebrations of the centennial of Reagan’s birth. That night, a dinner was held in honor of Reagan. It capped a day of events that celebrated the life and extraordinary achievements of the 40th President of the United States.  Yet, missing from the dinner – clearly the biggest event of the day – was United States Ambassador Louis Susman. While he did host a VIP breakfast that morning, Susman was absent from the grandest event, where speeches were given and the memory of Reagan was put forth – reminding everyone of his impact, and his legacy. He simply didn’t show up, as the representative of the United States, to an event honoring one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history. [more...]



Reverse Stimulus

By Joy Tiz


Obama’s own, hand-picked Council of Economic Advisors announced that Obama’s “stimulus” cost the tax payer $278,000 for every job allegedly “created or saved.” If you believe that “stimulus” created or “saved” just under 2.4 million jobs, it did so at a cost of $666 billion to the rest of us. Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling says another estimate put the cost at $1.4 million per job created or “saved.”  That’s a lot of shekels for part-time temporary census workers. It gets worse.  As of two quarters ago, the “stimulus” had added or “saved” 288,000 more jobs than it has now.  Thus, we would have added or “saved” more jobs without stimulus. Obama’s brilliant stimulus plan is not only costing us an obscene amount of money, it works backwards. [more...]



State of Denial

By Guy Smith


Why is California an intellectually backward state? The amalgamated mindset of the Golden State views itself as progressive, leading, positively superhuman.  For California to fall behind 82 percent of the nation on any topic, especially one where the lives of its citizens are concerned, makes thoughtful folk reevaluate statewide sensibilities.  For California to be clueless, to languish in outdated thinking of bygone generations, is seemingly absurd.  To be shunned by intellectually superior bastions from Wisconsin to Mississippi may well give a complex state like California an inferiority complex. [more...]



Women under Sharia Law – The Dilemma of “Wife Beating Protocol”

By Al Fadi


The Qur’an is the source of all personal status laws in Islamic countries. Therefore, the rules of religious jurisprudence concerning the position and treatment of women are also based on the Qur’an. In order to fully understand the position of women in Islam, one must first examine the Qur’anic rules concerning them. Our dilemma in today’s article has to do with the Qur’anic command for husbands to beat their wives. In Islam, the wife is a slave to her husband. The Islamic traditions stress that a woman should obey her husband’s commands. [more...]

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