1. Dave Bego: Debt Ceiling Used to Cover Gift Giving to Big Labor

2. John LeBoutillier: Left’s Real Goal: Gut Fox

3. Joy Tiz: Beware of Gangs

4. Tony Katz: Will the Tea Party Buy In or Force Others to Spend?



Debt Ceiling Used to Cover Gift Giving to Big Labor

By Dave Bego


President Obama is back to his old sleight of hand. This time, however, it is to cover for the Department of Labor’s latest attempt to promulgate regulations aiding big labor’s corporate campaign initiatives and the National Labor Relations Board’s attempt to shorten election time periods and achieve “card check” through regulatory action. This President is indebted to the unions and understands he must have their support to be re-elected in 2012. Accordingly, he is using the debt crisis to divert media attention away from hearings being conducted this week by the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor on new rules/regulations that, if put in place, will mean a death penalty for employees and employers.  Unfortunately, these hearings are no more than charades. The critical parts of these regulations necessary to allow big labor to prosecute successful corporate campaigns expeditiously will no doubt be implemented in order to secure big labor’s 2012 election donations, foot soldier support, and to ultimately secure President Obama’s election and rule by fiat. [more...]



Left’s Real Goal: Gut Fox

By John LeBoutillier


Let’s be clear about something: the Democratic Left smells blood in the case of Rupert Murdoch and the English hacking scandal. Why? Because Murdoch and his American media entities – especially Fox News and The New York Post – have bedeviled the Left for years. These right-of-center news sources have gone into hard-left territory – TV news and the New York news market – and dominated not only in market share but also in setting the news agenda. And they have made tons of dough – while the Left-leaning media are all losing money (declining ratings and readers and thus ad revenue) hand over fist in the recession. So we are witnessing professional jealousy coupled with a brief moment of hope on the Left – hope that they can decapitate the leadership of the News Corporation. [more...]



Beware of Gangs

By Joy Tiz


We admonish our youth to stay away from gangs: perhaps we would do well to to insist that our politicians do the same.  In Washington, gang affiliation is seen as a good thing – the latest being the Gang of Six (or seven) with yet another incarnation of a debt ceiling compromise. Obama likes it, which is enough to convince me it’s bad. As of this moment, details are still fuzzy.  It’s supposed to cut spending by $6 trillion, but it’s one of those off in the future promises that we can’t count on. More menacing is the $1 trillion in “additional revenue” which is Newspeak for raising taxes. There is talk about eliminating tax loopholes (again, read increase taxes).  The fate of “loopholes,” like the mortgage interest deduction, remains to be seen. [more...]



Will the Tea Party Buy In or Force Others to Spend?

By Tony Katz


Yesterday, in a 234-190 vote, the House passed the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. It now goes to the Senate for approval where Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), have already stated that they will not vote for the legislation. Nevermind the Senate Democrats; they say no to many things – not only this, but also no to passing a budget of the their own in the last 800 plus days. But while Democrats may be needed in the Senate to get a plan in place and to the president’s desk, all members of Congress have to accept that their plans have to get the approval of the Tea Party. [more...]

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