1. Joseph Klein: Exploiting the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary

2. Wayne Allyn Root: What Would Reagan Do? – Part II

3. Joy Tiz: Obama Takes Hostages

4. Tony Katz: The South Central LA Tea Party Proves Leftist Lies



Exploiting the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary

By Joseph Klein


As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the Islamists and their supporters are busy preparing a disinformation campaign to whitewash Sharia law and Islamic ideology under the banner of an operation they call “Prepare New York.” The intent is to use a front of “interfaith” alliances with progressive groups to marginalize those who are trying to expose the truth about the Islamist agenda and to exploit the 9/11 anniversary for propaganda purposes. [more...]



What Would Reagan Do? – Part II

By Wayne Allyn Root


Last week I wrote a commentary entitled, “What Would Reagan Do?” My recommendation was to emulate President Ronald Reagan’s courage and chutzpah – do something bold, courageous, and radical to turn today’s economic Armageddon into an economic boom. That Reaganesque idea is a one-year income tax vacation – allowing every taxpayer in America to keep 100 percent of their income for one year. [more...]



Obama Takes Hostages

By Joy Tiz


You’ll never go too far wrong if you just assume that there is no end to the shamelessness of today’s Democrats.  It was as predictable as daylight that the President of the United States would sink to threatening to withhold Social Security checks to gain an advantage in the debt ceiling brawl. [more...]



The South Central LA Tea Party Proves Leftist Lies

By Tony Katz


Since the inception of the Tea Party, its members – millions of Americans from all walks of life – have been battling the calculated and crafted lies that it and its members are racists. We’ve seen a series of racers, racists and race-hustlers, including Janeane Garofalo, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Van Jones and the staff at NPR. What a shock and a surprise for them when it was announced on Facebook yesterday that Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a black man, is leading a Tea Party rally and protest, “…to expose the lies and misinformation of the NAACP in Los Angeles…” [more...]

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