1. Dave Bego: Public Unions: Last Hope for Big Labor at America’s Expense

2. Tony Katz: Congrats, New Media: Journalism is Back

3. James Hirsen: Rihanna’s Shot Misses Mark




Public Unions: Last Hope for Big Labor at America’s Expense

By Dave Bego


Public unions are once again in the news as they continue to press for the new Wisconsin laws enacted by Governor Walker to be voided through the judicial system. Despite big labor’s cries of union busting, destruction of the middle class and unfair legislative maneuvering, let’s recognize this for what it truly is, survival for big labor and perpetuation of far left ideology. With all due respect to the rank and file union members, they themselves should be appalled by big labor’s overreach. Common sense, procedural fairness, accountability and balanced federal / state budgets are truly what most Americans desire and expect out of their lawmakers as articulated in Why Public Sector Unions are Not Typical Unions and Public Servants Lack Accountability. Instead, due to the massive influence and corruption involved in big labors cozy relationship with politicians they elected through massive campaign contributions, American citizens are receiving none of these. [more...]



Congrats, New Media: Journalism is Back

By Tony Katz


New media, including Andrew Breitbart, has brought competence back to the press. And as we see both during and after Weinergate, the MSM has no clue how awful their work has been.


The story is not the photos. The story is the journalism: It’s back. And the MSM is finished. As Weinergate broke and gained traction, a large majority of the MSM and leftist media stuck their heads in the sand. Joan Walsh of Salon.com savaged those who attempted to make this a story. On MSNBC, she seemed furious at Chris Matthews who – to his credit – would not let Walsh tie the reporting of Weinergate to the case involving Breitbart and Shirley Sherrod. [more...]



Rihanna’s Shot Misses Mark

By James Hirsen


Some of the images from Rihanna’s newest music video would not seem out of place in a snuff film. “Man Down” opens with what appears to be a cold-blooded murder. At a public train station, the singer, in character, shoots and kills a man with a revolver. The camera then moves in to show the body lying in a pool of blood. In flashback, viewers discover that the motive for the shooting was a rape. The music video premiered on BET to immediate criticism for justifying vigilante killing. The Parents Television Council issued a statement charging that it “gives retaliation in the form of premeditated murder the imprimatur of acceptability.” [more...]

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