1. John LeBoutillier: Late Entrant Will Sweep GOP Nomination

2. Kyle Olson: Tennessee Trumps Wisconsin: Kills Teacher Collective Bargaining

3. Wayne Allyn Root: If Government Can’t Run a Whorehouse, It Cannot Save America

4. Joy Tiz: Weenie World



Late Entrant Will Sweep GOP Nomination

By John LeBoutillier


Here is what is going to happen later this year – and into 2012: A candidate we are not yet talking about – and who is not in the race or even on anyone’s radar screen – will enter the GOP presidential race in the late fall – maybe even as late as November or December. Yes, this man may miss the filing deadline for the Iowa caucuses, but that will not in any way be fatal to his campaign. This candidate’s entire approach is going to be anti-establishment. That means anti-D.C. establishment, anti-so-called mainstream media establishment, and even anti-GOP establishment. [more...]



Tennessee Trumps Wisconsin: Kills Teacher Collective Bargaining

By Kyle Olson


To fix public schools, you have to control public schools. And there’s little control when teachers unions, with their self-serving agendas, question every cost-cutting proposal and reform on the table. That’s why so many state governments have taken swift action to limit the power of organized labor in public schools. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho and Michigan were the first, and Tennessee added itself to the list on Wednesday. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam affixed his signature on House Bill 130 and Senate Bill 113, ending collective bargaining and giving local school boards the full authority to operate their districts in the manner they choose. [more...]



If Government Can’t Run a Whorehouse, It Cannot Save America

By Wayne Allyn Root


Poor Obama. Despite all his efforts, or maybe because of them, the U.S. economy keeps crumbling. But to be fair, government is a failure everywhere. Exhibit A is the Big Fat Greek Bankruptcy. Have you heard? The Greek tragedy is unfolding…again. Greece is bankrupt and insolvent… again. Government thinks it can save Greece with taxpayer money… again. And the more money poured into Greece by the EU, IMF and central bankers, the worse it gets. The Greek GDP is going in reverse. The economy is crumbling despite hundreds of billions loaned by government only a year ago. Now it’s time for Groundhog Day… again. [more...]



Weenie World

By Joy Tiz


The best part about the entire sickening Weiner mess was Andrew Breitbart taking over Weiner’s presser.  The take away: don’t show up late to press conferences that you call.  Breitbart keeps showing Republicans exactly how it’s done; he only plays offense, never defense. Any woman who has been through it could have told us – where there’s one, there are many. The only truly shocking part of the whole sordid affair was finding out that Weiner has heterosexual leanings. The “apology” itself was riddled with deflecting language. Weiner kept referencing “events” that “occurred” as if he was just some innocent bystander, minding his own business, sitting at his desk in his underwear and along comes some guy with a cell phone. [more...]

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