1. Guido Lombardi: From the World Trade Center, NYC

2. Tony Katz: ‘Race-ers’ Exposed on MSNBC

3. Joseph Klein: 5 Questions our Beaming President Needs to Answer on the Death of Osama bin Laden

4. Joy Tiz: Profiles in Dithering

5. Kyle Olson: Bin Laden’s Death Won’t Get Me to ‘Unite’ Behind Out-of-Control Spending



From the World Trade Center, NYC

By Guido Lombardi


Almost ten years after the collapse of the Twin Towers, as the rain falls on the corner of Liberty and Trinity Streets on the southeast corner of the World Trade Center site, we find ourselves surrounded by the crowds of commuters going to work in downtown NYC. We came to present a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and to show solidarity with the victims of 9/11 and express the complete support of the people of Italy, for American troops and their great work in defending freedom all over the world. As President on the North Atlantic League, a trilateral association of people from Italy, the USA and Israel, I came to Ground Zero to celebrate the courage of the people of New York City and to pay respect to those who died from many nations (including 7 Italian citizens) due to that criminal act of terror on September 11, 2001. [more...]



‘Race-ers’ Exposed on MSNBC

By Tony Katz


Recently, I appeared on MSNBC to discuss President Obama, Donald Trump, the birth certificate and the political fallout.  It came forth that those who question the President on anything are actually racists.  My response was simple – if those who are consumed with Obama’s birthplace are “birthers,” then those consumed with unfounded and uninspired conspiracy theories that all Obama opponents are racists should be called “Race-ers.” This term is being embraced in all corners. The leftist, Progressive narrative of race is over.  Feel free to speak freely about Obama’s policies and his results. [more...]



5 Questions our Beaming President Needs to Answer on the Death of Osama bin Laden

By Joseph Klein


President Obama is basking in the afterglow of the successful operation that led to the demise of Osama bin Laden. As I have said previously, he deserves credit for making the gutsy decision to use a Navy SEAL team to take bin Laden down. Of course, the lion’s share of the credit belongs to the special operations forces themselves, who overcame immense odds to mount the incredibly risky attack ordered by their commander-in-chief. However, as President Obama savors the high point of his time in office to date, there are some questions that he needs to answer to the American people. Here are just a few of them… [more...]



Profiles in Dithering

By Joy Tiz


Conservatives need to knock off the nauseating accolades to Obama for the killing of Osama bin Laden.  If you want to honor someone, it should be our magnificent Navy Seals and the military personnel who supported the mission.  Nothing can deter a SEAL from his mission – except for a dithering politician. The Ditherer-in-Chief took 16 hours to make up his mind after the intel was solidly in place.  He left our SEALS, the CIA and other senior officials to cool their jets as he tended to more important matters like perfecting his golf swing. When he finally did act, it was pure politics.  Rarely does such an opportunity for glory come along with such minimal political risk. [more...]



bin Laden’s Death Won’t Get Me to ‘Unite’ Behind Out-of-Control Spending

By Kyle Olson


As the president said, it was a “good day” for America when bin Laden’s last memory was apparently the barrel of an American gun. But that euphoria won’t and shouldn’t silence legitimate criticism regarding out-of-control spending and debt that is piling higher than we can imagine. So let’s stand united in defeating our terrorist enemies, but not use it as an excuse to silence critics. After all, in the words of Bush-hating radical leftists, “Dissent is patriotic.” Right, Mr. President? [more...]

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