1. Joseph Klein: USA! USA! American Forces Bring Osama Bin Laden to Justice

2. John LeBoutillier: Osama, Obama and 2012

3. Joy Tiz: Delusional Libs Think WOT is Over

4. James Hirsen: Trump Confront Media Flip-Flop

5. Kyle Olson: Americans Discern Correctly Public Schools are Poor “Investment”

6. Wayne Allyn Root: The Greatest Attribute of America: RELENTLESS!

7. Dave Bego: Boeing Sleight of Hand from the Rogue NLRB!



USA! USA! American Forces Bring Osama Bin Laden to Justice

By Joseph Klein


Hallelujah! Americans gathering outside of the White House Sunday night, shouting “USA! USA!” were celebrating the news that Osama bin Laden is dead – brought to justice for his crimes against humanity by the bullets of U.S. Joint Special Operations Command forces in a mission ordered by President Obama. Upon taking office, President Obama had made the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda. Now we have killed the monster and captured his body. [more...]



Osama, Obama and 2012

By John LeBoutillier


In the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden, self-elected political experts are rushing to proclaim, “President Obama is now guaranteed to win again in 2012!” A word of caution: not so fast. In 1945, less than six months after he led Great Britain out of the darkest days in her history to defeat Nazi Germany, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was himself defeated at the polls. [more...]



Delusional Libs Think WOT is Over

By Joy Tiz


Although they are generally quite rabid in their defense of terrorists, insisting on trying the poor misunderstood misfits in civilian courts and referring to the enhanced use of a Neti pot as “torture,” liberals have always been entirely comfortable with killing bin Laden. Perhaps it’s to overcompensate for the phenomenal screw-ups by their beloved Bill Clinton, who flatly refused to take bin Laden when he was literally offered up on a platter.  Give them credit for chutzpah – no liberal is reeling in horror at the sight of Clinton’s wife boasting about the bin Laden kill. [more...]



Trump Confronts Media Flip-Flop

By James Hirsen


The mainstream media news coverage has undergone a bizarre transformation in relation to Donald Trump. It is as if someone flipped a switch, causing The Donald to go from media buddy to media target in a New York minute. Unfortunately, Trump is now able to relate to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in a way few others can. Trump has been attacked by mainstream anchors and Hollywood celebrities alike. Bob Schieffer and David Letterman called him a racist. Lawrence O’Donnell called him a monster. Cher used the word “pompous” along with an expletive to describe him. [more...]



Americans Discern Correctly Public Schools are Poor “Investment”

By Kyle Olson


We continue to hear the rhetoric from teachers unions and others in the education establishment that we need to “invest” more in America’s public schools. Want smarter, better-prepared kids, the teacher unions ask? Give us more money! (And get the “rich” to pay for it.) That’s been the nation’s approach to public education for, oh, the last 50 years. But after decades of increased education spending, it’s time to ask the obvious question: What kind of return are American taxpayers getting for all this “investment”? The answer: not much. [more...]



The Greatest Attribute of America: RELENTLESS!

By Wayne Allyn Root


I want to congratulate the Navy Seal team that tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden. I feel blessed for their courage. Congratulations are due for all American military and intelligence on their RELENTLESS decade long battle to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. [more...]



Boeing Sleight of Hand from the Rogue NLRB!

By Dave Bego


On April 21, 2011 the NLRB announced it had initiated an action against Boeing through its District XX office.  The action, which will be heard by an administrative law judge, insinuates that Boeing’s decision to open a new plant was an attempt at union busting! The NLRB’s case against Boeing is derived from the premise that Boeing’s decision to locate the plant in South Carolina was, at least in part, based on its desire to avoid work stoppages and strikes it had suffered at its plant in Washington State, where workers are represented by the International Association of Machinists. [more...]

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