1. Joy Tiz: America Hearts Bibi

2. Kyle Olson: Delusional Howard Dean Says Union War on Charter Schools Nearing End

3. Joseph Klein: The Future of Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law

4. Ryan Mauro: A Changing Al-Qaeda




America Hearts Bibi

By Joy Tiz


The Leader of the free world addressed both houses of Congress yesterday, earning 28 standing o’s.  Barack Obama, understandably, hid out in Europe. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech was remarkable in its clarity.  We’ve not heard that from the podium in some time.  As Obama earned himself a derisive nickname from the British secret service, Bibi was winning hearts and minds in America. Bibi rightly pointed out that the only place in the Middle East in which Arabs enjoy the blessings of liberty is in Israel. [more...]



Delusional Howard Dean Says Union War on Charter Schools Nearing End

By Kyle Olson


During a recent television appearance, former Vermont Gov. and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said, “Charter schools are the future” and suggested that the charter school/teacher union “battle is coming to an end.” Yeah, right. The “battle” may be over, but the teacher unions’ desire to co-opt (and ultimately destroy) charter schools remains. The tactics have changed. Instead of the Gatling-gun approach, they’re now resorting to the Boa Constrictor method. In fact, the unions have been surprisingly candid about their new strategy of infiltration and suffocation. [more...]



The Future of Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law

By Joseph Klein


The United States Supreme Court has just struck an important blow against illegal immigration. In the case of Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America v. Whiting, the court upheld by a 5-3 vote the constitutionality of an Arizona licensing law which suspends or revokes the licenses of businesses that knowingly or intentionally hire illegal immigrants. Unlike the stance that Justice Kagan appears to be taking with regard to challenges to Obamacare, Justice Kagan did the right thing here and recused herself in this particular case. [more...]



A Changing Al-Qaeda

By Ryan Mauro


It’s been almost a month since Osama Bin Laden was killed, and Al-Qaeda still has not officially named his successor. There are contradictory reports about whether his second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri or a top operational commander, Saif al-Adel, have taken the helm. Whatever the case may be, Saif al-Adel’s influence will increase and his ties to Iran and criticism of his colleagues could lead to significant changes in Al-Qaeda’s strategy. [more...]

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