1. Tony Katz: Obama on the Middle East: Pre-1967 Borders

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama to Jews, Christians and Israel: DROP DEAD

3. Joseph Klein: President Obama’s Message To Israel: Go To Hell



Obama on the Middle East: Pre-1967 Borders

By Tony Katz


President Obama spoke to a group gathered at the State Department to address the growing number of “crises” in the Middle East.  Amazingly, Obama referenced that the origination of the Middle-East protests were in Tehran, Iran.  Protests (called the Green Revolution) in which he was eerily silent.  His words on the subject were too few, and moved no one. Yet, to his credit, the President spoke of Iran not in glowing words, and placed them as the genesis of much of the funding of those who assault their citizens. The President made numerous overtures to make good on the promises that he made in his speech in Cairo in 2009 – known by many as the Great Apology speech.  In a stroke of irony, he made the pledge to help bring about free speech – from the largest news organization to the lone blogger.  (I wonder what the Boston Herald thinks about this?)  The President continued to focus on freedom of religion – mentioning Coptic Christians, who have been massacred in Egypt – and the rights of women.  Both of these things run in direct opposition to Sharia Law, so one must assume that they will not be taken to heart. [more...]



Obama to Jews, Christians and Israel: DROP DEAD

By Wayne Allyn Root


Obama Awakens a Sleeping Giant


Mark the date – Thursday May 19th. It’s the day the leopard showed his spots. It’s the day Obama stabbed Israel in the back. It’s the day he told Israel to DROP DEAD. For the first time in history an American President has chosen to abandon our great friend and ally, Israel, in favor of radical Muslims led by the terrorist group Hamas. But, mark this also as a great day – the day Obama lost the 2012 election. Obama has awakened a sleeping giant – American Jews and Christians, united in their love and support for Israel.  They are outraged, shocked and sickened. Obama clearly showed his radical and hateful colors. The American people will not forget. [more...]



President Obama’s Message To Israel: Go To Hell

By Joseph Klein


Obama wants Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders, with a few minor agreed upon swaps. He might as well have told the Jews living in Israel to pack up their belongings and leave or take their chances in the Hell that Hamas has waiting for them. Obama waited towards the end of his speech on the Middle East and North Africa to throw our most reliable Mideast ally, and the region’s only true democracy, under the bus. His timing, on the eve of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House on Friday, could not have been more provocative. [more...]

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