1. Joseph Klein: The Obama Administration Finally Reverses a Dangerously Dumb Decision: No Circus Trial in New York For KSM

2. Joy Tiz: Obama Affirms Another Bush Policy

3. John LeBoutillier: Billionaire Savior Syndrome

4. Tony Katz: Do Not Count Out Sarah Palin




The Obama Administration Finally Reverses a Dangerously Dumb Decision: No Circus Trial in New York For KSM

By Joseph Klein


It took two years, but the Obama administration finally announced that self-professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four alleged co-conspirators will face prosecution by a military tribunal in Guantanamo. Attorney General Eric Holder, appearing as if he had been waterboarded into reversing his prior decision to try them in a federal court in New York, made the announcement yesterday. The reversal spared the nation from a made-for-TV Al Qaeda propaganda circus and allowed New Yorkers to breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t have to host these monsters in their backyard. Nevertheless, Holder just couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a swipe at Congress for what he called its “unwise and unwarranted” restrictions on where alien enemy combatants could be tried. This left him no choice but to abandon his original boneheaded decision to call for a civil trial in New York. [more...]



Obama Affirms Another Bush Policy

By Joy Tiz


Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, announced via the dumbest attorney general since Janet Reno that KSM and his terrorist comrades will be tried in military tribunals.  The announcement coincided with Obama’s official declaration of his candidacy. The never astute AG, Eric Holder, had desperately wanted to please Obama’s boss, George Soros, by trying KSM and his fellow True Believers in Manhattan.  Nobody in New York other than the liberal trustonians thought this was a sane idea. The simpering Holder blamed it all on Congress.  America thanks you, 112th. [more...]



Billionaire Savior Syndrome

By John LeBoutillier


Donald Trump’s emergence as a possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate has to be compared to the last billionaire – Ross Perot – who burst onto the political scene in February 1992 on CNN’s Larry King Live and completely altered that race and, in effect, elected Bill Clinton over President George H. W. Bush. There are a few similarities between Perot and Trump but many differences, too. [more...]



Do Not Count Out Sarah Palin

By Tony Katz


Certainly, we are focused on one major goal – Obama Must Not Win!  But with that, it is important to constantly be vigilant when other news sources and media outlets do what they can to marginalize potential candidates who are perceived to have strength and capability. No one candidate has been more marginalized than former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. And, while I have known this for a while, it was my recent appearance on MSNBC that showed how subtle the marginalizing can be, and how counting out Sarah Palin is always a mistake. [more...]

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