1. Guido Lombardi: Donald Trump Proves There’s Weakness in the White House

2. Joseph Klein: The “Reformer” Syrian President’s Answer to Obama’s Engagement Policy

3. Wayne Allyn Root: The Marxist in the Mirror

4. Joy Tiz: Mute the Trumpet

5. Dr. Elaina George: The Administration’s Answer to High Healthcare Costs is… Rationing

6. Tony Katz: Obama, Gas, Coffee and the Numbers

7. Kyle Olson: Teachers Unions Working Feverishly to Organize Charter Schools




Donald Trump Proves There’s Weakness in the White House

By Guido Lombardi


Today’s out of proportion response from the White House shows that something is wrong in the Oval Office. While Donald Trump was speaking in New Hampshire, about the economy, unfair competition from China, and amongst other things also Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, most TV stations interrupted their programming for an important message from the Oval Office. Something like 9-11? Something about debt ceiling? Or about Libya? No… Mr. Obama wanted to remind everyone that he already presented a certificate of live birth and that Mr. Trump should talk about other more important things. [more...]



The “Reformer” Syrian President’s Answer to Obama’s Engagement Policy

By Joseph Klein


Less than one month ago – after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began launching his brutal attacks against his own people – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to him as a “reformer.” She was continuing President Obama’s  fruitless exercise of “engagement” with Iran’s best friend in the Middle East. As one resident of the besieged city of Dara’a (the center of the Syrian opposition movement) said, while filming tanks entering the city: ” These are the reforms of Bashar al-Assad. He is reforming Dara’a with the tanks of Bashar al-Assad.” [more...]



The Marxist in the Mirror

By Wayne Allyn Root


Obama publicly declares war on capitalism.


It’s official. President Obama has declared war on capitalism, which is ironic because he never officially declared war on Libya. But our fearless Marxist-in-chief reserves a special brand of hatred for capitalism, entrepreneurship and rich people. Just days ago, Mr. Obama publicly blamed “speculators” for the rising price of gas. Mr. Obama publicly announced a war on speculators and speculation, imposing the Justice Department, government lawyers, Cabinet heads and the whole Big Brother kitchen sink on this “evil” bunch of capitalists. [more...]



Mute the Trumpet

By Joy Tiz


Ignoring a fundamental rule of politics – you never punch down, only up – the President of the United States called a press conference to respond to private citizen, Donald Trump’s requests that the president produce his birth certificate. Obama just wouldn’t be Obama if he didn’t throw in a little whining about how hard it is to get networks to interrupt their programming for his oh-so-important eternal speechifying. At long last, Obama has produced something purported to be a birth certificate.  In due time, there will be plenty of analysis of its authenticity.  Meanwhile, Trump has sworn to use his special powers only for good. Next up, let’s hope he demands school records and the passport that Obama used to travel to Pakistan in the 1980s. [more...]



The Administration’s Answer to High Healthcare Costs is… Rationing

By Dr. Elaina George


After months of denial that healthcare reform would involve rationing of healthcare for those who are the most vulnerable, the senior citizens who depend on Medicare, the President has come up with a proposal to decrease healthcare costs and guess what… it’s rationing. Under Obamacare, a 15-member panel known as the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) was created to ‘oversee healthcare costs.’ This panel consists of individuals appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress – two ingredients that make it highly unlikely that they would be truly independent. In addition, there is no requirement that members be practicing physicians which is a recipe for cuts that are highly likely to affect the delivery of quality individualized patient care. [more...]



Obama, Gas, Coffee and the Numbers

By Tony Katz


President Obama does not understand anything about measurement.  He cares not about results. His entire life has been focused around “jobs” that did not have a measurable result, like being a community organizer.  This is one of the many reasons he is so detached from the job of President. The job requires work to be done, and that work gets measured as either: A) completed successfully, or B) not completed successfully.  Since Obama is not interested in work or the corresponding results, he avoids it whenever possible.  When big issues are in front of him, he goes on vacation, thus avoiding any measurement of his work… since he isn’t doing it. [more...]



Teachers Unions Working Feverishly to Organize Charter Schools

By Kyle Olson


One of the things I’ve always liked about charter schools is they aren’t bound by onerous labor agreements that hamper innovation. Traditional public schools get boxed in with union contracts that literally stipulate when a teacher arrives in the morning and when he or she must depart. And that’s just the beginning of union-imposed regulations. In charter schools, the interest of the students comes first, so adults oftentimes find themselves going above and beyond to ensure that students succeed. [more...]

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