1. Tony Katz: The Anti-Reagan

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Why “The Donald” Has Trumped the National Media

3. Joseph Klein: Obama Justice Department Shields Islamist Allies From Prosecution

4. Kyle Olson: Cops Fire Back at Pro-Cop Killer Teachers Union



The Anti-Reagan

By Tony Katz


Clear as day, the budget speech displayed the difference between Obama’s statism and Reagan’s liberty.


Recently, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, assumed a stance behind the microphone, and proceeded to excoriate House Democrats by utilizing a well-known yet little used piece of legislative lingo – explaining why Democrats are neither inventive nor inspiring – watch it for yourself, and wonder (like many are behind closed doors) where McCotter is in the growing GOP field. It is rare to see wit and wisdom, intellect and individualism, candor and cunning, and a solid amount of connection with the American people. We last saw it in totality with President Ronald Reagan. [more...]



Why “The Donald” Has Trumped the National Media

By Wayne Allyn Root


Why is the media blind to the economic disaster befalling America, and what does this have to do with Donald Trump and the place of Obama’s birth? The answer has everything to do with the media’s dislike, denigration and lack of understanding about the meteoric rise of Donald Trump’s presidential prospects. They look down upon businessmen such as Trump. The reality is they are jealous of his success and chutzpah. Obama, the community organizer, is more their kind of guy. The liberal media elites who idolize Obama are angry when Trump questions where Obama was born. They consider this kind of question a joke. They believe no one could possibly care. They are clueless to the fact that real people, without liberal-elite agendas, are actually concerned about Obama’s background. But Donald Trump has figured that out. [more...]



Obama Justice Department Shields Islamist Allies From Prosecution

By Joseph Klein


The Obama administration invited the president of one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas terror finance case, United States v. Holy Land Foundation – the Islamic Society of North America (“ISNA”) – to the White House for a Ramadan dinner banquet two years in a row. Now it is running interference for ISNA and other Islamist allies in a politically sensitive case that career prosecutors at the Department of Justice were thinking of bringing against them. The mainstream news media, including cable news stations, have dropped the ball on an explosive story – the Obama administration’s despicable decision for political reasons not to prosecute the 246 individuals and Islamist organizations, named as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case. The Obama administration is trying to keep its political interference as secret as possible, refusing requests for disclosure of an internal Department of Justice memorandum discussing the matter. [more...]



Cops Fire Back at Pro-Cop Killer Teachers Union

By Kyle Olson


The Fraternal Order of Police isn’t happy that their union brethren in California recently passed a resolution in support of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Now sitting in prison for executing Philadelphia policeman Daniel J. Faulkner, Mumia has become a rallying point for the left. On April 14, FOP National President Chuck Canterbury issued a scathing letter to American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. According to PublicSchoolSpending.com, an AFL-CIO spokesperson said the union had no plans to respond to the FOP letter. The AFT had no comment after repeated attempts. Maybe Canterbury is beginning to understand just how far-left and radical the AFT is. How sad for the police officers. [more...]

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