1. Wayne Allyn Root: Government Employees – The True 1%

2. James Hirsen: ABC’s GCB Series is Unoriginal and Offensive

3. Joseph Klein: Obama at AIPAC: Throwing Dust in the Eyes

4. Christopher Markowski: ‘Fair Taxes’ Actually Are Unfair to All



Government Employees – The True 1%

By Wayne Allyn Root


How did America become broke and insolvent? How did we build up an unimaginable $115 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities? How did we allow the American Dream to become a nightmare? All we need to do is look at the primary demand the Eurozone and IMF are placing on hopelessly bankrupt Greece to get their new $170 Billion bailout: Greece has agreed to cut 150,000 government employees. Even Cuba’s leader Raul Castro recognizes government employees are at the root of economic destruction, as he is cutting over 2 million of them to save Cuba from bankruptcy. The truth is that government employees are the true 1%. We have far too many of them (21 million), they are paid too much, and their union demands are straining taxpayers to the breaking point. [more...]



ABC’s GCB Series is Unoriginal and Offensive

By James Hirsen


“GCB,” ABC’s new television offering, demonstrates that when it comes to ridiculing faith, Christianity is Hollywood’s religion of choice. The GCB acronym stands for Good Christian B***hes, stemming from the Kim Gatlin book upon which the series is based. Following the initial announcement of the show, the network took pains to homogenize the title by reducing it to an abbreviation. The show’s name, however, is not the biggest problem with the series. The Christian mockery is and the belittling occurs in a way that no network would consider doing to any other faith. [more...]



Obama at AIPAC: Throwing Dust in the Eyes

By Joseph Klein


President Obama took the stage on Sunday morning March 4th at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference to deliver proof of his unwavering support for Israel. He declared to AIPAC’s fervent pro-Israel audience that his commitment to Israel’s security has been unprecedented. “When the chips are down, I have Israel’s back,” he said. But the president’s assurances ring hollow with those familiar with the actual historical record of the administration’s treatment of the Jewish State – a record amply outlined by David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin in the Freedom Center’s pamphlet, “Obama and the War Against the Jews.” The president’s latest twisted representation of his “pro-Israel” administration, therefore, is in need of untwisting. [more...]



‘Fair Taxes’ Actually Are Unfair to All

By Christopher Markowski


The presidential election is grinding away on a single issue: What constitutes a fair tax burden for the support of our great country and way of life. The Democrats say the wealthy should pay more. To wit, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s comment that the most fortunate should pay more for the privilege of being an American. Predictably, the Republicans say this is tantamount to wringing the neck of the Golden Goose. The conflict has an ugly veneer, fresh off the Occupy Wall Street movement where the 99% were pitted against the 1%. “Tax fairness” is all about giving the government more that it can get away with. That’s why it’s unfair to all, because in the long run, it hurts us all.  [more...]

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