1. Wayne Allyn Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

2. Joseph Klein: The New Obama Doctrine: Arming Our Enemies?

3. Kyle Olson: Frances Fox Piven and Richard Trumka Join Forces April 5th

4. Dave Bego: Uninvited Interlopers?



Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

By Wayne Allyn Root


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, several ominous signs have appeared that foretell economic disaster. After reading these “tells” or signs, I believe you’ll agree we are entering “Obamageddon” – Obama’s Great Depression. The first sign is the fact Bill Gross, head of the world’s largest bond fund (PIMCO), has just sold all his domestic government bond holdings – every single dollar! Do you have any idea what that means? In my opinion, Bill Gross is one of the ten smartest men on this planet. He knows everything about the economy and bonds. His sell-off indicates he believes local, state and our federal government are all on the verge of disaster – insolvency, bankruptcy, and default on bond obligations. To add insult to injury, Gross disclosed he bought emerging market bonds with the money from the sale of U.S. bonds. That means Gross has more faith in Brazil, Russia and African nations than the U.S.A. The Great Gross sell-off is a sign of economic Armageddon. [more...]



The New Obama Doctrine: Arming Our Enemies?

By Joseph Klein


The Obama administration is reportedly actively considering arming the Libyan rebels without even knowing for certain who they really are. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who met on Tuesday in London with a senior rebel leader and made clear that Col. Qaddafi must go, admitted that: “We don’t know as much as we would like to know.” However, what we do know at this point is alarming enough to stop any Commander-in-Chief with America’s best interests in mind from even considering providing arms to these rebels. But not necessarily our current Commander-In-Chief, heralding his new Obama Doctrine of deferring to international consensus on how far we go in fulfilling internationally defined ‘humanitarian’ military missions. [more...]



Frances Fox Piven and Richard Trumka Join Forces April 5th

By Kyle Olson


The far left has attempted to portray their elderly hero, Frances Fox Piven, as a lonely shut-in who spends her time knitting mittens and eating Werther’s Originals in her New York apartment. But the truth is that age has not dampened Piven’s appetite for radical socialist political activities. Piven, an academic who is still on the board of ACORN-partner Project Vote, has announced that she will be co-hosting a 1960s-style “teach-in” April 5th, and she’s bringing in some heavy hitters. The national event, which will be simulcast, will also feature fellow socialist professor Cornel West and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka.  SEIU is also participating. [more...]



Uninvited Interlopers?

By Dave Bego


As the Employee Free Choice Act (also known as “EFCA” or “Card Check”) is now legislatively dead, many unions are experiencing financial problems and declining membership. In an attempt to head off impending extinction, big labor bosses are returning to an old reliable business model to increase membership.  Unions, like the SEIU and Unite Here, are once again out in force attempting to impose forced unionism upon employees of non-union companies. In many instances, they are doing so uninvited. In other words, they are hitting the streets to recruit workers, rather than having dissatisfied workers coming to them.  Unlike a legitimate business making professional sales cold calls on prospective clients, unions send out organizers and big labor bosses who utilize coercion, deceptive rhetoric and false promises because they do not have a product in which most people are interested. [more...]

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