1. Tony Katz: Brazil Drills the U.S. – Obama Pleased

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Libya Makes Obama’s Final Four… Too Bad America Loses

3. Joseph Klein: The Myth of International Consensus on Libya

4. Dave Bego: Armageddon is at Hand


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Brazil Drills the U.S. – Obama Pleased

By Tony Katz


Say what you will about the President’s recent trip to Brazil and South America.  Call it ill timed in the wake of the catastrophic disaster in Japan.  Call it poor judgment in the wake of a third war, enabled by Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.  Call it a vacation, which it certainly seemed like.  For all that you and millions of others may say, one thing is certainly clear – Obama likes Brazilians more than he likes Americans. Obama has stated clearly that the United States will be a huge supporter of Brazilian oil, and will be one of its largest purchasers.  Not only will the President be in favor of oil drilled on or near Brazil, he has granted Petrobras a license to drill the deep waters of the United States. [more...]



Libya Makes Obama’s Final Four… Too Bad America Loses

By Wayne Allyn Root


As befuddled and detached as our President has proven to be, nothing compares to the sin of cooking up a war and putting American soldiers’ lives at risk, to distract the masses from his disastrous reign. As everything Obama touches turns to disaster, has Obama’s cynical kitchen cabinet decided war is the perfect “Weapon of Mass Distraction?” Wars tend to make Americans patriotic and rally behind the President. They tend to forget the economic tragedy building by the day and ignore the signs of Armageddon all around them. Mission accomplished! Haven’t we heard that before? It didn’t work out too well the first time either. Why should we risk American lives in Libya? Is Gadhafi any worse than all the other murdering, tin pot dictators we either support or do nothing about? Why not invade Darfur on George Clooney’s recommendation? Innocent people are dying there, too. [more...]



The Myth of International Consensus on Libya

By Joseph Klein


It’s all well and good that the United Nations has given President Obama authority to take military action against Libya, but the Constitution contemplates that such authority should come first from Congress irrespective of what the UN might say. Indeed, candidate Obama said as much back in 2007: “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” That would be an imminent threat to this nation, not Libya. Moreover, the international consensus that President Obama declared from Brazil was so strong is nothing but. Aside from the fact that his Brazilian host decided to abstain, rather than support, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, the international “consensus” is beginning to crumble. [more...]



Armageddon is at Hand

By Dave Bego


Ask yourself why we have an administration that has done virtually nothing to curb unemployment; an administration that actually embraces unemployment as a means of stimulating the economy; an administration that continues to extend unemployment and entitlement programs in order to make more people dependent on government… By organizing the dependents and having them default on payments on a massive scale, the banks become overwhelmed and driven to insolvency. Wall Street crashes, American capitalism is destroyed, and a socialistic government is installed that will provide them ultimate power – all in the false altruism of social justice, when in truth it is for their own selfish desires. [more...]

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