1. John LeBoutillier: Kill the Leader, Not the People

2. Joy Tiz: Soros: Drill, Baby, Drill in Brazil

3. Dave Bego: Restoring America’s Prosperity

4. Robert Ringer: Failure to Communicate

5. Joseph Klein: President Obama Follows France and the Arab League Into Libya



Kill the Leader, Not the People

By John LeBoutillier


The U.S. has just led the way into Libya, where yet another brutal, sick, delusional maniac has raped and brutalized his sovereign nation for over 40 years. Suddenly the U.S. and her allies have decided to aid the anti- Gaddafi rebels – but we have also announced that “we are not targeting Gaddafi.” Then officials cite the long-standing Executive Order prohibiting assassination of foreign leaders. Indeed, on February 18, 1976 – in the wake of revelations of widespread CIA abuses of power – President Ford signed Executive Order #11905, which redefined the roles of various intelligence agencies and what was and was not acceptable behavior. Included in this Executive Order was this one line: Prohibition of Assassination. No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination. That prohibition remains in effect today. An Executive Order has the force of law – with one exception: any subsequent President of the United States can change it; Congress has nothing to do with it. [more...]



Soros: Drill, Baby, Drill in Brazil

By Joy Tiz


Obama is telling Brazil to “drill baby, drill” so we can someday import their oil.  Oh sure, there was a horrific earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, and we are, apparently, in another war – but first thing’s first. The boss wants Brazilian oil to flow.  George Soros is heavily invested in Petrobras, the state owned Brazilian oil company. Brazil has benefited from our offshore drilling permatorium, and if Brazilian oil does well, Obama’s boss is pleased. [more...]



Restoring America’s Prosperity

By Dave Bego


Contrary to pronouncements by economists that the recession is over, a vast majority of Americans disagree. Reflecting on these statistics, it is painfully evident that recovery on Main Street is just as important as recovery on Wall Street, and it is simply not occurring. True, economic recovery cannot occur until unemployment is significantly reduced, government downsized, big labor and political corruption corralled, government budgets balanced, deficits reduced, and the competitive forces of the free market are unleashed so small- to medium-size businesses, as well as the major players on Wall Street, can thrive. [more...]



Failure to Communicate

By Robert Ringer


Last week, Chuck Schumer gave a humdinger of a speech on the Senate floor - one that told you everything you needed to know about both the obliviousness and determination of the progressive crowd that still controls most of the power in the nation’s capitol. Apparently, the terminally disingenuous Schumer was upset because even though the House once again voted for a continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown until April 8, fifty-four Republicans voted against the measure. How dare they do what their constituents elected them to do! In a kiss-up to Speaker John Boehner, Schumer said, “The Speaker has said all along that he wants to avoid a shutdown at all costs, and I believe him. He is a good man. The problem is, a large percentage of those in his party don’t feel the same way.” [more...]



President Obama Follows France and the Arab League Into Libya

By Joseph Klein


The United Nations Security Council, after days of debate, passed Resolution 1973 on March 17th authorizing member states to impose and enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and to “take all necessary measures” to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack by Col. Moammar Qaddafi’s forces, including the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. In addition to authorizing the use of military force if necessary under Article VII of the United Nations Charter, the resolution, passed with ten votes in favor and five countries abstaining (Russia, China, Brazil, Germany and India), includes provisions calling for an immediate ceasefire, a beefed up arms embargo, banning certain flights taking off to and landing from Libya and expanded asset freezes. However, the resolution explicitly rules out any “occupation force” in Libya. [more...Watch Joe Klein on TV.

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