1. Dave Bego: Collective Bargaining is a Privilege, Not a Right

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Welcome to Obamageddon

3. Joseph Klein: Cutting the Deficit – Start With NPR Now


Collective Bargaining is a Privilege, Not a Right

By Dave Bego


Collective bargaining in the private sector is a time-honored and respected means of resolving differences between a company’s employees, who have organized willingly absent union intimidation, and the ownership/management of a private company. Collective bargaining is productive when conducted in a civilized manner, free of coercion, and not for political gain. Unfortunately, collective bargaining in the public sector is nothing more than a monopolistic process dominated by big labor and politicians to the ultimate expense of the taxpayer. There is no system of checks and balances as big labor often is negotiating with the very politician it elected. President Roosevelt, a champion of labor unions, realized the potential for political corruption and union monopolies and warned that public sector employees should not be provided the right to organize. However, in 1962 as a payback to big labor, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10988, public sector employees to organize. Since that time, monopolistic public unions have become the sustaining money pump for the Democratic Party. [more...]



Welcome to Obamageddon

By Wayne Allyn Root


For the president to be this destructive, it must be intentional


One has to wonder if congratulations are in order for President Obama. The U.S. economy is in ruins, the country in crisis, the world in chaos. Was this all a purposeful plan, or is Mr. Obama simply an inexperienced, incompetent, bumbling Inspector Clouseau in the White House? From the day of Mr. Obama’s election, many concerned patriots have warned about his goals. Mr. Obama is a follower of radical Marxist strategy, like Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven’s strategy of overwhelming the system to create economic crisis and chaos. Based on those strategies, one would be foolish not at least to wonder whether Mr. Obama’s goal from the start was to wreck capitalism; redistribute wealth by punishing, penalizing and demonizing the wealthy; force Americans to their knees to beg for help from big government; and then in response to those pleas, put government in control over every aspect of our lives. [more...]



Cutting the Deficit – Start With NPR Now

By Joseph Klein


It is time to get serious about actually cutting the deficit and stop talking about it. The three week continuing resolution (CR) just passed by the House with very modest cuts in order to keep the government running while negotiations with the White House and Senate Democrats proceed should be the last olive branch. And the cuts should also include some lefty sacred cows such as elimination of funding for public broadcasting. Moreover, it should come with a warning – no more CRs, and no authorization for raising the debt ceiling unless at least $60 billion are cut in total in the current year’s budget and there is an ironclad commitment to cut at least $100 billion in the next year’s budget (which is still less than 10 percent of the current deficit). [more...]

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