1. Joy Tiz: Obama Un-Reality Check

2. John LeBoutillier: Which Way the Revolution?

3. Joseph Klein: The New York Times’ Crocodile Tears for Private Manning

4. Tony Katz: Race and Justice



Obama Un-Reality Check

By Joy Tiz


It hardly seems necessary to catalog all of the current events that are fraying the nerves of the most sturdy among us… unless, of course, you’re talking to the president, who is eerily unaffected by it all. The rate of joblessness and foreclosures in this country are enough to keep anyone up at night.  That’s assuming you can remain entirely impervious to the massive disaster in Japan and the fact that the Middle East is in a state of dangerous upheaval. It’s not really possible to overstate the seriousness of the Mid East crisis, and not only because rising oil prices are affecting the cost of everything.  Any instability is an opening for Islamists to seize power. The only one utterly untouched by the chaos is Obama.  If he’s losing sleep, it’s only due to his endless partying. When a 9.0 quake hit Japan, Obama took to the airwaves to tell us about Women’s History Month. As Gaddafi slaughters those who dare to oppose his brutality, Obama is focused like a laser on his basketball picks. [more...]



Which Way the Revolution?

By John LeBoutillier


As President Obama’s ratings again slip into the low-to-mid 40’s, no potential Republican candidate is even close to capturing the imagination and fervor of the huge built-in anti-Obama sentiment inside the GOP, Tea Party and conservative movement. In fact, the candidates are failing so badly that unelectable names like Donald “I love Hillary and Bill and I have donated tons of cash to liberal Democrats all across this country” Trump and Newt “I cheated on two wives because I love my country so much” Gingrich are actually getting news coverage. If these two clowns are getting coverage, it tells us that we have no one. [more...]



The New York Times’ Crocodile Tears for Private Manning

By Joseph Klein


The New York Times ran an editorial today entitled “the Abuse of Private Manning.”  Their crocodile tears for this alleged traitor are sickening. The Times’ editors complain that Pfc. Bradley Manning is being abused in prison while confined on charges that the editors minimize as simply handing government files to WikiLeaks. What the Times editors leave out is that the charges rise to treason. They include “aiding the enemy,” wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet where it could be accessed by “the enemy,” theft of public records, and transmitting defense information. The charges stem from Manning’s alleged leaking of thousands of classified military documents relating to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to WikiLeaks as well as thousands more State Department documents. [more...]



Race and Justice

By Tony Katz


It seems that the Department of Justice is not based on law, nor based on fact, nor real justice, but rather on inferred injustice, implied injustice and playground justice. Recently, the DOJ forced the Dayton, Ohio police department to change the way they grade tests for those wishing to be police officers in the city.  The test requires a score of 66% on Part One, and 72% on Part Two. Now, with the DOJ making the decision in Dayton, the passing scores are a 58% on Part One, and a 63% on Part Two. At first blush, one would be amazed and disgusted at the audacity of the DOJ.  Why are they deciding test scores in the city of Dayton?  Why is the DOJ advocating for less competent cops in Ohio?  This is a clear, cut and dry, simple case of government over-reach. [more...]

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