1. Will McAndrew: Why You Should Support the Keystone Pipeline

2. Doug Johnson: Why Mitt Romney Should Drop Out of the Race

3. Christopher Markowski: U.S. Corporate Taxes Need to Go to Zero

4. Joseph Klein: The Real War on Women: Baby Girls in Peril

5. Tony Katz: Gingrich Dangles Perry to Get Tea Party Vote



Why You Should Support the Keystone Pipeline

By Will McAndrew


This one should just be a no-brainer.  We have a project that will create more than $20 billion in new spending for the U.S. economy.  It will increase the personal income of Americans some $6.5 billion, along with increasing gross output (product) another $9.6 billion.  This project will create more than $585 million in new revenue for states and will create 13,000 union jobs.  Even better, this energy pipeline is fully paid for by private dollars, meaning no government financing. Yet President Obama and his administration has lobbied against the Keystone XL pipeline which would jumpstart a struggling U.S. economy.  The administration has used excuses that doesn’t make sense to justify their opposition to this program.  First it was the environmental concerns.  When those were proven to be manageable, then the administration pointed to the pipeline route through Nebraska which had not received all of the regulatory approvals. [more...]



Why Mitt Romney Should Drop Out of the Race

By Doug Johnson


Mitt Romney may currently have more delegates than the other candidates, but if he truly cares about America he will drop out of the race and get out of the way for a candidate who has a chance to win over Obama. Romney has not been able to get a strong win in virtually any state, red or blue; winning for him is primarily in blue states and then only when he spends huge sums on attack ads.  This bodes poorly for him against Obama if he becomes the nominee.  If he really wants to see America saved from imminent collapse and see it turned around, he would drop out of the race and leave it for a more effective candidate to take the nomination. [more...]



U.S. Corporate Taxes Need to Go to Zero

By Christopher Markowski


On April 1, our ally Japan is playing a cruel little April Fools’ Day joke on us: The country is lowering its corporate tax rate from 39.5% to 35%. This will give the United States the dubious and awkward distinction of having, at 39.2%, the highest integrated federal/state tax rate among the developed countries of the world. In the world of politics, where nothing is without nuance and message, I wonder what our friends in Japan are trying to tell us? [more...]



The Real War on Women: Baby Girls in Peril

By Joseph Klein


Never mind the phony “war on women” contraception controversy concocted by the Left to help get President Obama re-elected. There is a real gender war being launched against females around the world, as documented in a provocative article titled “The Global War Against Baby Girls” by Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute. Specifically, Mr. Eberstadt, a political economist and a demographer, is referring to the practice of “sex-selective feticide, implemented through the practice of surgical abortion with the assistance of information gained through prenatal gender determination technology.” [more...]



Gingrich Dangles Perry to Get Tea Party Vote

By Tony Katz


Newt Gingrich is floating a new strategy – tempt Tea Party voters with Gov. Rick Perry and a Gingrich/Perry ticket. It may just change the course of the election. Fox News is reporting that Gingrich and Perry might announce their ticket before the RNC convention in order to appeal to Tea Party and conservative voters, thereby capturing enough delegates to ensure that no nominee is chosen prior to the August GOP convention. A convention without a pre-determined nominee is far different from a brokered convention, in which other players could get in on the action. [more...]

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