Why Would We Think a Candidate Who Acts Like Barack Obama Could Beat Barack Obama?

By Doug Johnson


When Rick Santorum recently decided to use the open primary in Michigan to get an advantage in the primary race, it unsettled Mitt Romney.  Santorum chose to have robocalls made with a message to Democrats in the state asking them to vote for him in the Republican primary.  Romney reacted bitterly, whining that it was dirty politics.  How does telling Democrats that he’s a conservative, pointing out the truth about Romney’s position on the auto bailout, and asking them to vote for him make Santorum one who is playing politics?  It smacks more of childish pouting on the part of Romney.  But then again, this shouldn’t be a surprise; Romney often acts childish when things don’t go his way.  It’s much the same as how President Obama acts when he doesn’t get what he wants. [more...]



On the Death of Andrew Breitbart

By Tony Katz


I was awoken today with the news that Andrew Breitbart had died. I was not close friends with Andrew, but we did speak when we saw each other, and, certainly, my respect for him was boundless.


I had the pleasure of speaking on stage with him in Madison, WI on Tax Day 2011, and again in Washington, D.C. at the Defending the Dream Summit in November. It never dawned on me that the experience of seeing him before going on stage would be the limit.


As a society, we are better off because of Andrew and his work at Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. As a society, we are better off not just because of the stories he broke, but how they were delivered – the clear contrast between today’s journalist and a real journalist.

We are also better off because Andrew is the reminder of how to fight. On this, Andrew and I shared the same belief: never accept the premise of their question, or their statement. If and when you are told a lie, confront the lie. His life is a primer for those who will come next, to continue the fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way. [more...]

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