1. Doug Johnson: America to Washington: We Don’t Want What You Have to Offer

2. James Hirsen: Firm That Made Clint Eastwood Ad Has Obama Ties

3. Leon Weinstein: Each Nation Deserves the Government it Voted For


NOTE: Tony Katz and Kyle Olson will both be live at CPAC for the rest of this week.  Call for interviews today…


America to Washington: We Don’t Want What You Have to Offer

By Doug Johnson


Contrary to what the media and establishment Republican Party want to make you think, conservatives do not accept Romney as one of their own. Rick Santorum blew away his competitors Tuesday in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.  And as quickly as they could, Romney’s campaign immediately started damage control with the media right behind them to help.  Reports went around that while it was nice that Santorum had done well, the states where he’d won weren’t really important and it really didn’t mean anything about the acceptance of Romney by conservatives.  Between the press and Romney’s campaign scrambling to downplay the losses, it was almost reminiscent of how the Obama campaign and the media reacted to any losses they had in the 2008 primaries.  But then again, I shouldn’t forget that George Soros thinks Romney and Obama are essentially the same so why should I be surprised if the reaction to the election results is similar? [more...]



Firm That Made Clint Eastwood Ad Has Obama Ties

By James Hirsen


After a controversy arose over his recent Super Bowl Chrysler ad, noted actor and director Clint Eastwood tried to distance himself from any perceived political content in the spot. “I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama,” Eastwood said. “It [the ad] was meant to be a message just about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK.” The actor-director added that he was “not supporting any politician at this time.” Eastwood, a registered Republican and self-described libertarian supported John McCain’s presidential candidacy over then-candidate Barack Obama. Eastwood may not have any ties to the Obama administration, but the firm that generated the ad apparently does. [more...]



Each Nation Deserves the Government it Voted For

By Leon Weinstein


The economy is in a terrible shape. Canadian oil goes to China together with American jobs. Millions of people are on unemployment and food stamps. Despite all that, the polls are showing that Obama is beating each and every Republican candidate running for the highest office in the land. Why? Did we reach the point of no return when more than half of the citizens of this great country became takers who receive from the pot without contributing to it? Did we reach the Democratic Party “strategic dream” of a welfare state where most of the voters want to preserve the status quo and defend their unemployment check fearing that the other guys will take it from them? [more...]

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