1. Robert Ringer: It Hurts So Good

2. Joy Tiz: Obama Backs Brotherhood

3. Dave Bego: SEIU and Its Corporate Campaigns

4. John LeBoutillier: GOP – and Obama – Stumble

5. Joseph Klein: The Muslim Brotherhood Has Only One Strain – An Islamic Supremacist Virus



It Hurts So Good

By Robert Ringer


I believe people could get used to the lower living standards that are on the horizon once resignation sets in – provided the drop isn’t too fast. But since Obama and his progressive pals took control of things in Washington, we’ve experienced a dramatic drop in living standards in a very short period of time, and that has gotten people’s attention. Many are talking about postponing retirement – or not retiring at all; cutting back on, or completely eliminating, vacations has already started; dining out four nights a week is becoming a thing of the past; and soon people won’t be able to afford to buy those high-priced tickets to sporting events that fill sports stadiums and arenas from coast to coast. In this respect, Obama’s fake move toward the center could be the best thing that ever happened to his spread-the-wealth agenda. [more...]



Obama Backs Brotherhood

By Joy Tiz


Before we get down to the business of excoriating the president for his mishandling of the crisis in Egypt, let’s all just stipulate that we are in favor of democracy – be in Egypt or elsewhere.  The unfortunate reality is, however, that democracy is not one of the options available in that country at the moment.  The choices are keeping a flawed, but staunch ally in power versus enabling a terrorist organization in its quest for Mid East domination. Mubarak can be dealt with as long as he depends on aid from the United States.  Allowing his government to simply collapse gives the Muslim Brotherhood the opportunity to seize power, which would be a disaster on multiple levels. [more...]



SEIU and Its Corporate Campaigns

By Dave Bego


Yesterday, Union Watch – a project of the California Public Policy Center – published an article that reads like a Devil at My Doorstep testimonial. In fact, the article mentions The Devil at My Doorstep and describes how it walks the reader through the ruthless intimidation tactics and psychological warfare utilized by the SEIU to force companies to capitulate and sign a Neutrality Agreement, which is the sought-after prize as it implements card check and eliminates employee rights to a secret ballot election in organizing campaigns. The article chronicles month-by-month the tactics utilized against Prime Healthcare Services from January 2010 to present day. [more...]



GOP – and Obama – Stumble

By John LeBoutillier


Lost in the ‘round-the-clock coverage of the Egyptian Revolution was the stunning announcement last week that the House GOP leadership was going to cut $32 billion from the current budget. Really? This same GOP leadership – Boehner, Cantor and Ryan – had campaigned last year on the pledge of cutting $100 billion. Then, after the election, they scaled that back to a revised pledge to cut $50 billion. And now they have – again – scaled that back to $32 billion in non-security discretionary spending. And this is in a budget projected to run a $1.5 trillion. All they can find is $32 billion? [more...]



The Muslim Brotherhood Has Only One Strain – An Islamic Supremacist Virus

By Joseph Klein


President Obama says that he’s not terribly concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After all, according to Obama, who invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his own speech in Cairo in June 2009 and who has invited the president of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic organization in America to the White House for Ramadan dinners, only certain “strains” of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology ”are against the U.S.” and the Muslim Brotherhood is only “one faction in Egypt.” That’s like saying that there are only certain strains of a dangerous virus that will kill us immediately as opposed to causing a long painful illness. Could Obama be hoping for something in his Obamacare legislation that will provide a cure? [more...]

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