1. Wayne Allyn Root: A Message for Kim Kardashian

2. Dave Bego: Front Row at the Arizona Debates

3. Tony Katz: Let the Democrats Vote For Santorum



A Message for Kim Kardashian

By Wayne Allyn Root


You’re being savaged in the California media by mean-spirited, politically correct, small-minded, jealous, envious California liberals who hate your moxie, hate your ambition, hate your success.  They seem to believe you should be targeted and punished for having the nerve to become wealthy and successful.  They’re jealous of the business empire you built.  They think your success should be their success, your money should be their money.  They think you owe them something for all your hard work, creativity and vision.  Well, here in Nevada we couldn’t disagree more.  You don’t owe us a thing.  We’re not jealous of your success in Nevada.  We’ll never complain about how little in taxes you pay, because in Nevada, our tax rate is zero. [more...]



Front Row at the Arizona Debates

By Dave Bego


The prevailing sentiment among attendees of the nationally televised CNN Republican Presidential Debate this past Wednesday in Mesa, Arizona was that each of the candidates lacked that special something. If only you could combine Paul’s perseverance, Gingrich’s nimble wit and debating skills, Santorum’s charisma and Romney’s composure, Presidential stature and business acumen and experience, we would have the perfect candidate who could defeat Obama in November.  Many attendees also noted that the raucous attacks by the candidates towards each other are detrimental to the Republican primary and its chances to produce a candidate that can win in the fall. However, I feel that this is all going to prepare them for the long road ahead. As we know from the last election, President Obama will conduct a scorched earth campaign and it is imperative that the Republican nominee be prepared to weather the fire. [more...]



Let the Democrats Vote For Santorum

By Tony Katz


The biggest lie ever told is that there is something more important than winning in politics. For the rest of us, the concepts of valor, honesty and morals have clear-cut lines and distinctions. Certainly, on a governing level, they do for the Presidential candidates as well. But first, you have to win. That’s what Rick Santorum is trying to do, and that feigned outrage of Mitt Romney and Co. is just laughable. They’re not offended… they’re scared. [more...]

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