1. John LeBoutillier: Is the “Game Over” Tonight?

2. Doug Johnson: Why Gingrich Needs Another Look

3. Al Fadi: The Dilemma of Afghan Riots over Qur’an Burning

4. Tony Katz: Happy Birthday Tea Party!

5. Christopher Markowski: Oil Speculators Cash In on Washington’s Lapse

6. James Hirsen: ‘Act of Valor’ Confounds Hollywood



Is the “Game Over” Tonight?

By John LeBoutillier


When Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman of the Board on News Corp., the parent of Fox News Channel, tweeted his support for Rick Santorum a couple of weeks ago, he wrote of the stakes for Santorum in today’s crucial Michigan primary: “Win Michigan, game over.” That view has focused the political world on today’s contest in Michigan. Let us look ahead and examine where the GOP race goes after today… [more...]



Why Gingrich Needs Another Look

By Doug Johnson


According to Reagan economists and a Senior Economic Writer for the Wall Street Journal, Newt Gingrich’s economic plan will provide more growth for the U.S. economy than other candidates.  With that information, voters would be crazy not to rethink Gingrich as the nominee. Stephen Moore, Senior Economic Writer for the Wall Street Journal is reporting that former Reagan economists Peter Ferrara and Gary Robbins say that Gingrich’s policies would balance the budget within the first term of his presidency.  His economic plan will create six million jobs in two years.  With the U.S. economy worse than any since the Great Depression and real unemployment numbers showing 23% unemployed, America needs a fixed economy and we need it FAST. [more...]



The Dilemma of Afghan Riots over Qur’an Burning

By Al Fadi


I’d like to ask the protestors and the Afghani government: Who will apologize to the families of those who were killed as a result of these riots? Was it worth it to commit such crimes? Is desecrating an innocent human life the best way Islam can offer to preserve the honor of the Qur’an, the supposed book of PEACE? Without a doubt, it is confusing to hear of the ongoing riots by Afghani Muslims over a book that contains a multitude of contradicting facts and tangible dilemmas worthy of examination, yet at the same time, we do not hear of any moderate Muslims being outraged or outspoken against such imagery that can only enforce the notion that Islam is NOT a religion of PEACE but rather of VIOLENCE. [more...]



Happy Birthday Tea Party!

By Tony Katz


I am one of the original Tea Party activists and listed as one of 97 Founding Fathers of the Tea Party. I can provide Tea Party insight in this crucial election season:

  • Is the Tea Party still viable?
  • Who is the Tea Party candidate?
  • What are the races that the Tea Party is focused on most?
  • What is next for the Tea Party?

 I’ve got the straight scoop on the Tea Party – what’s gone right, what’s gone wrong, where are the opportunities and who is bad for the growing movement. [more...]



Oil Speculators Cash In on Washington’s Lapse

By Christopher Markowski


In 2008, then candidate Obama said gas prices were exorbitant because of failed policies. This week he said they were high because of increasing global demand combined with pockets of unrest. I’m not going to dignify either contention with a reasoned response. Here’s the point to keep in mind: Neither the administration nor the Congress wants clarity on energy prices. The reason for this is simple. They are too indebted to the financial services industry that is capitalizing on the confusion to do anything about it. [more...]



‘Act of Valor’ Confounds Hollywood

By James Hirsen


While Hollywood prepared to honor its own with Oscars, America was letting the entertainment industry know what kind of film fare moviegoers really want to see. An independently financed, low-budget, pro-military movie took the number one spot on the box-office chart, beating expectations with an estimated $24.7 million in ticket sales. “Act of Valor” is the title of the film, but the phrase could also be used to describe the efforts taken to produce it. [more...]

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