1. Richard Bernstein: Health Insurance Companies Question Obama Contraception Compromise

2. Dave Bego: Proving the SEIU Wrong Again

3. Christopher Markowski: We Are All Greeks

4. James Hirsen: Stephen Colbert Slams President Obama for Super PAC Flip Flop



Health Insurance Companies Question Obama Contraception Compromise

By Richard Bernstein


Obama recently announced a major policy shift in an attempt to quell some of the controversy surrounding his decision to have religious institutions, such as Catholic hospitals and universities, provide mandatory contraception coverage, which goes against their religious beliefs. Instead of enacting a logical policy whereby all people who wanted contraception would be free to purchase it themselves, the President thought that it would be a better idea if insurance companies pay for the contraception and not the religious institution itself. Giving out free medication, in this case birth control, to religious institution employees is a popular gimmick for politicians in an election year but there are major questions about how this policy will be implemented. [more...]



Proving the SEIU Wrong Again

By Dave Bego


Recently, my company, Executive Management Services (EMS) went through an extensive assessment with ISSA, one of the top cleaning industry associations in the world. They review all aspects of an organization from quality control and service delivery to health and safety and management commitment. I am proud to announce that EMS passed this assessment with honors and is one of the less than 1% of over 80,000 contract cleaning companies who have received the certification. This certification is pure justification after years of false accusations from the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) that our company has below standard practices and treats its employees unfairly. Not only does this prove their accusations to be false, but also shows that EMS is one of few out of thousands of cleaning contractors who are doing the right thing. [more...]



We Are All Greeks

By Christopher Markowski


When I see the protesters rioting in the streets of Athens in response to austerity measures, it always makes me scratch my head and wonder. I think, “What are you protesting about? You’re broke.” At the same time, I’m equally perplexed by the lack of protesting here in the U.S. After all, we still have a chance to do something about the curious way in which we manage our finances, and the outcome this management delivers. As a first step, I highly recommend all voters (and, sadly, all future voters) check out the “budget” at www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget. [more...]



Stephen Colbert Slams President Obama for Super PAC Flip Flop

By James Hirsen


After boasting that he is a super PAC “trendsetter,” Stephen Colbert targeted President Obama for his stunning flip flop on the subject of campaign finance. Colbert cited his own super PAC, “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” as a forerunner in the campaign finance world. “Folks, now it seems like everybody’s riding my wallet-tails. At last count, more than 320 super PACs have registered with the FEC. It’s no surprise they’re copying me, folks, I have always been a trendsetter, ever since I single-handedly popularized the bell bottom crotch,” the Comedy Central host said. Colbert then launched into a satirical Obama rant for the president having done a “complete 180” on the use of super PACs. [more...]

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