1. Kyle Olson: Reporting from Madison, WI

2. Wayne Allyn Root: It’s Time for a REAGAN Moment: Wisconsin Teachers – “YOU’RE FIRED!”

3. Stephen Brown: Africa’s Ceausescu

4. Joseph Klein: Unholy Alliance: George Soros Trusts The Muslim Brotherhood But Hates Fox News

5. Robert Ringer: The “New-Baseline” Strategy

6. Joy Tiz: Wisconsin Kids Can’t Read



Kyle Olson and an Education Action Group film crew will be in Madison, WI Wednesday thru Friday to document the protests and impending vote by the state Senate Thursday on Gov. Walker’s reform proposal.  EAG has been at the forefront of the fight for reform in Wisconsin, starting with a report on the union’s health insurance plan, WEA Trust. Call Sandy to schedule interviews with Kyle Olson from Madison, WI.



It’s Time for a REAGAN Moment: Wisconsin Teachers – “YOU’RE FIRED!”

By Wayne Allyn Root


Ronald Reagan stood up to the air traffic controllers, and in response to the threat of a strike simply fired them all. Can you imagine? Air traffic controllers – unique individuals with rare and valuable skills, thought irreplaceable, fired en masse. And we never noticed. Supervisors filled their shoes for months, while new ones were trained. Not a single accident.  What happened to those air traffic controllers who lost today’s equivalent of $100,000 per year jobs? Few ever found a job with that kind of pay again. It’s time for a Reagan moment in Wisconsin. The average Milwaukee teacher compensation at retirement age is about $100,000 per year. That’s not being reported on the nightly news, now, is it? And, what good is all that bloated compensation doing? Milwaukee has a depressing 68% graduation rate. Two-thirds of Wisconsin 8th graders read below grade level. [more...]



Africa’s Ceausescu

By Stephen Brown


After losing control of two-thirds of his country to anti-government protesters and suffering condemnation worldwide for bloody human rights abuses, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is still refusing to go quietly into the night. As Libya descended into violence and chaos, in a rambling 73-minute television broadcast a defiant Gaddafi called himself a “Bedouin warrior’ and said he would stay and “fight until the last drop of my blood” and die as “a martyr.” [more...]


Stephen Brown is the Contributing Editor of Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Eastern European history and his main areas of expertise are international affairs and Islamic terrorism.



Unholy Alliance: George Soros Trusts The Muslim Brotherhood But Hates Fox News

By Joseph Klein


George Soros isn’t worried about the Muslim Brotherhood.  In fact, in a Washington Post op-ed article earlier this month, he wrote that there was a good sign the Muslim Brotherhood intends to play a constructive role in a democratic political system Israel, not the Muslim Brotherhood, is “the main stumbling block,” he said. Along with Fox News, of course. [more...]



The “New-Baseline” Strategy

By Robert Ringer


With the angry uprising of pampered teachers in Wisconsin, the long-awaited Marxist revolution in the U.S. may finally be underway. It’s been clear for decades that a forced ending to America’s experiment with soft socialism would almost certainly trigger such a revolution. Soft socialism was destined to fail from the outset, because it is the nature of life that a little bit of something bad tends to expand into a lot of something bad. That reality, however, has for decades been masked by the progressive’s best friend – gradualism. [more...]



Wisconsin Kids Can’t Read

By Joy Tiz


Let’s pay these teachers even more!  They’re doing a heck of a job – two-thirds of Wisconsin 8th graders can’t read proficiently. This should make Wisconsin taxpayers happy as they’re being told they have no right to expect these incompetent “teachers” to contribute to their own health care or pension plans. [more...]

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