1. Dave Bego: As Wisconsin Goes, So Goes America

2. Ryan Mauro: National Security Updates

3. James Hirsen: Justin Bieber’s Pro-life Stand Spurs Liberal Meltdown

4. John LeBoutillier: The Conservative Dream Realized

5. Stephen Brown: China Crushes Internal Dissent



As Wisconsin Goes, So Goes America

By Dave Bego


Unions who now represent less than 12% of the workforce and less than 7% of the private workforce, based on last year’s statistics, have used union members’ dues to further their own agenda through political subterfuge. Despite underfunded union pensions, financial statements in the red and bleeding balance sheets, big labor bosses continue to pour money into Democratic coffers to elect politicians who in turn will deliver coveted bills such as “card check,” appoint radicals such as Craig Becker to the NLRB to rewrite regulations that favor big labor’s attempt at EFCA Through the Backdoor, or continue the assault on local, state and federal governments by approving collective bargaining for more public employees such as the TSA. [more...]



Ryan Mauro on National Security and the Middle East.

Read his latest reports on Yemen, the Muslim Brotherhood and James Clapper. NOTE: Ryan is available for updates on the uprisings throughout the Middle East, which he’s following very closely. Watch Ryan on Fox & Friends.



Justin Bieber’s Pro-life Stand Spurs Liberal Meltdown

By James Hirsen


The young pop star, who has had numerous hit songs and whose movie had a $30 million debut weekend, recently spoke out on a taboo subject. Bieber, who happens to be a Christian, was asked in a Rolling Stone interview to express his views on abortion. Not only did he equate abortion with murder, he suggested that it is wrong even in cases of rape and incest. “I really don’t believe in abortion… It’s like killing a baby,” the teen icon told Rolling Stone. The interviewer followed up with a question about cases in which pregnancy was the result of rape. Bieber replied that it was his belief that “everything happens for a reason.” He then added, “I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.” Some in the media flipped out and immediately became diss-Beliebers. The liberal panelists on ABC’s “The View” provide a prime example. [more...]



The Conservative Dream Realized

By John LeBoutillier


We are witnessing today – for the first time in American history – a rollback of government at the state level and, perhaps even at the federal level, as well. This concept – limited and smaller government – has been the basic precept of American conservatism for decades. But it has never been enacted – even under conservatives. Ronald Reagan, our greatest conservative politician, as governor in California and as president, did not shrink government; he only decreased the rate of increase. Other so-called “conservatives,” like the two President Bushes, grew government, increased the deficits and national debt, and made a mockery of the once-clear distinction between Republicans and Democrats. But the 2008 sub-prime mortgage meltdown and subsequent recession / depression have now rippled all the way through our economy. [more...]



China Crushes Internal Dissent

By Stephen Brown


Another telling incident and one that made world headlines – the poison baby formula scandal in 2008 – was also not spared Chinese officialdom’s insensitivity. The chief activist for the parents touched by the tragedy that took the lives of six infants and caused serious illnesses in 300,000 others was put in jail. For his advocacy to ensure the parents received compensation, Zhao Linhai, a Chinese dissident and former Food Safety Worker, received a two-and-a-half year sentence for “disturbing social order.” He was, however, released early for medical reasons. The chemical that caused the deaths (melamine) was still being found in Chinese dairy products as recently as last year. [more...]


Stephen Brown is the Contributing Editor of Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Eastern European history and his main areas of expertise are international affairs and Islamic terrorism.

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