1. Doug Johnson: Is it Down to Mitt or Rick?

2. Al Fadi: The Jihad Dilemma

3. James Hirsen: Romney Taps Trump to Stop Santorum

4. Christopher Markowski: The Truth About Oil

5. Tony Katz: Leftist Caller Wishes Rape on Radio Host Dana Loesch



Is it Down to Mitt or Rick?

By Doug Johnson


Gingrich might be down. He might even be out… but I sure wouldn’t bet on it yet. With Romney’s attack machine warming up to go after Santorum and the media’s hatred of Santorum’s social conservatism and religion, it is very possible Santorum could find himself back in third, or even in fourth place again. On the other hand, if Romney stumbles in Michigan and even in Ohio, it could be a death knell for his candidacy.  He’s been campaigning for five years and still can’t close the deal.  Conservatives see through his phony claims to conservatism and the Midwest could be his undoing. [more...]



The Jihad Dilemma

By Al Fadi


Whenever a homegrown terror attempt or actual attack by a Muslim takes place, certain media outlets overlook the mention of important details in connection with the terror suspect, such as his/her religious affiliation with Islam and its implication on his/her action. It is unfortunate that political correctness has gone as far as sensitizing the public to the point of overlooking such important facts, which are crucial for our understanding of motives behind such heinous actions, and vital in helping us control our reaction towards innocent Muslims who belong to the terrorist’s culture and/or community of faith. [more...]



Romney Taps Trump to Stop Santorum

By James Hirsen


Several days ago Mitt Romney’s campaign sent out an SOS to media veteran and star of “Celebrity Apprentice” Donald Trump. The former Massachusetts governor was apparently seeking assistance for the increasingly crucial must-win primary contest in Michigan. At his Las Vegas casino just prior to the Nevada caucuses, Trump gave Romney his endorsement. Now it looks as if the NBC reality star is riding to the rescue. He recently became Romney’s surrogate on local Michigan radio. [more...]



The Truth About Oil

By Christopher Markowski


Iran, OPEC, evil oil companies and hurricanes… oh my! What in the world is driving oil prices? The price we are paying at the pump has never been so high at this time of the year.  The media is already speculating that we will be paying $5 at the pump very soon.  Since Obama has taken office, the price of oil has risen by over 86%.  The media is always coming up with different reasons as to why oil prices rise and fall, and more often than not, they are dead wrong. I will explain to your listeners what is driving the skyrocketing cost of oil.  Are there political forces at work?  Is it the result of our monetary policy?  Is speculation to blame?  What about BIG OIL? [more...]



Leftist Caller Wishes Rape on Radio Host Dana Loesch

By Tony Katz


On Monday, I filled in for Dana Loesch, and discussed the controversial commentary by Keith Olbermann who denies that rapes have occurred at Occupy events around the country and the most recent words from Slate.com that compares a Virginia law (requiring an ultrasound before an abortion) to rape. The phone lines were open, and a caller named “Brenda” was brought on to the show. Brenda voiced her displeasure over Loesch’s supposed position on sex and rape, and then put out this violent gem: “And a woman to say that about other women, saying maybe they shouldn’t have had sex in the first place. I hope she (Loesch) winds up in the same circumstance as the women she is talking down to…” [more...]

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