1. Dr. Elaina George: The Republicans + Obamacare = Business As Usual

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama – the Ginsu Salesman of Taxes, Spending & Socialism

3. Joseph Klein: Obama’s Freudian Slip On His Budget

4. Stephen Brown: Iran Ups its Anti-Israeli Ante



The Republicans + Obamacare = Business As Usual

By Dr. Elaina George


I had high hopes after the fall elections that things would change. I expected once the Republicans took power that they would make a concerted effort to reverse the downslide of our health care system into the hole that is created by Obamacare. Apparently, it is just business as usual on Capitol Hill… big surprise. The House Rules committee voted against the amendment by Rep. Steve King that would defund Obamacare thus clearing the way for the mandatory self-funding provisions initially written into the bill by Pelosi, et al. to take effect. Either the Republicans are playing politics by allowing this fiasco to drag on into the election season so that they can use it as ammunition against Obama and the Democrats, or they actually like the bill and only pretended to oppose it to increase their chance of getting elected. Whichever scenario is true, the outcome is still the same. The further down the road to implementation Obamacare gets, the harder it will be to reverse. [more...]



Obama – the Ginsu Salesman of Taxes, Spending & Socialism

By Wayne Allyn Root


Since the day Obama took office he has tried to fleece, tax, regulate, redistribute, harass, and hound small business to death. I’ve argued again and again in media appearances and commentaries that Obama’s strategy appears to be right out of the playbook of Cloward & Piven, two Marxist professors from Columbia University (where Obama and I graduated as classmates in 1983). That strategy is overwhelming the business community, taxpayers, and high-income earners with so many socialist, Big Brother-like, job-killing bills, that we get dizzy and exhausted trying to keep up with them. Eventually they overwhelm the economy, cause massive unemployment, crisis, and dependency on big government. It’s happening before our very eyes – millions of Americans are now on 99 weeks of unemployment benefits; 45 million are dependent on food stamps; over 90 teenage girls are pregnant at the same time in one Memphis high school – all sure to go on welfare, food stamps and aid to dependent children for life. That’s only one school. The system is officially overwhelmed. [more...]



Obama’s Freudian Slip On His Budget

By Joseph Klein


Obama had a Freudian slip at his press conference yesterday while touting his new budget for the 2012 fiscal year. Before immediately catching himself and continuing on with his spin, he dropped the “S-Bomb” in declaring that his budget would bring: annual domestic spending to its lowest sh** – lowest share to the economy since Dwight Eisenhower Obama could not help but concede – albeit, for just a second or two – that his budget proposal was in reality a pile of manure.  Consider, for example, that balanced budgets are promised by mid-decade, but only if mounting interest costs on the debt are excluded from the calculations. That’s like trying to pretend your household budget is in great shape by just forgetting about counting the mortgage, car and credit card interest owing every month. [more...]



Iran Ups its Anti-Israeli Ante

By Stephen Brown


Iran’s latest ploy to challenge Israel may contain a more sinister element than that of supplying arms to Hezbollah. Since Hosni Mubarak stepped down last Friday, protesters have reappeared on the streets of Tehran in numbers not seen since the Green Movement in 2009. The unrest continued on Wednesday, as pro- and anti-government demonstrators clashed at the funeral for one of the protesters killed two days ago. But there were two things about this latest round of disturbances that have unsettled the Iranian leadership. According to columnist Pepe Escobar, the first is that the demonstrators were demanding the resignation of Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini and not President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The most popular chant, Escobar writes, was: “Mubarak, Ben Ali [of Tunisia]! Now it is Seyed Ali [Khameniei’s] turn!” [more...]


Stephen Brown is the Contributing Editor of Frontpagemag.com. He has a graduate degree in Eastern European history and his main areas of expertise are international affairs and Islamic terrorism.

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