1. Joseph Klein: Spinning the Obama-conomy

2. John LeBoutillier: GOP Race – Still Searching for Someone to Believe In

3. Leon Weinstein: Each Nation Deserves the Government it Voted For

4. Richard Bernstein: “Dos” and “DON’Ts” for 2012



Spinning the Obama-conomy

By Joseph Klein


The Obama spin machine is in overdrive trying to fool the American people about President Obama’s dismal record in office. His campaign has a Web site called AttackWatch devoted to fighting back against what the Obama spin machine claims are “false attacks on the President.” First, the Obama spin machine is trying to convince the American people that the economy has substantially improved under Obama’s watch, evidenced by the lower January unemployment rate of 8.3%. We’re all happy that the unemployment rate appears to be going down (although it is still higher than when Obama took office). However, there are questions as to how the 8.3% rate was calculated. Nearly three million people are not being counted as part of the labor force in the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculation of the unemployment rate. They are arbitrarily excluded from the base labor pool as if they did not exist. [more...]



GOP Race – Still Searching for Someone to Believe In

By John LeBoutillier


The entire Republican Presidential race is – and has been for a year – a race to stop Mitt Romney and a stolid, tired, old, constipated, GOP Establishment from jamming a boring, non-conservative candidate down our collective throats for the second consecutive presidential race. Back in 2007-2008 no one inside the GOP liked John McCain – and yet we were saddled with him. He was a lousy political candidate. He was – and still is – a prickly, un-likeable man. Now, in 2012, the same GOP Establishment is foisting on us another man that no one likes: Mitt Romney. [more...]



Each Nation Deserves the Government it Voted For

By Leon Weinstein


The economy is in a terrible shape. Canadian oil goes to China together with American jobs. Millions of people are on unemployment and food stamps. Despite all that, the polls are showing that Obama is beating each and every Republican candidate running for the highest office in the land. Why? Did we reach the point of no return when more than half of the citizens of this great country became takers who receive from the pot without contributing to it? Did we reach the Democratic Party “strategic dream” of a welfare state where most of the voters want to preserve the status quo and defend their unemployment check fearing that the other guys will take it from them? [more...]



“Dos” and “DON’Ts” for 2012

By Richard Bernstein


January and the exuberance of the New Year are coming to a close. Gone are the midnight kisses and the champagne wishes. However, there is one remnant of our 2012 jubilee that we can keep: our resolution to keep more of our own money and with a little smart planning maybe even grow your wealth for you and for your heirs. [more...]

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