1. Kyle Olson: The Last Straw: Big Labor, Labor Relations Board Can Go to Hell

2. Dave Bego: DREAM Act: The Truth Behind the Nightmare

3. Joy Tiz: All Hail Julius!



The Last Straw: Big Labor, Labor Relations Board Can Go to Hell

By Kyle Olson


While I run a non-profit, I feel very much like a small business owner: I’ve got to meet a payroll.  I’ve got to be sure we are delivering the highest quality product.  I’ve got to make sure we’re getting the biggest bang for our health care dollars. While my organization, Education Action Group, sells ideas and doesn’t make a profit, we are very much a business. So it’s discouraging and infuriating to hear the National Labor Relations Board tell me that I’ve now got to inform my employees of their right to unionize. Under a proposed rule, I will now be required to make sure a “rights notice [is] posted alongside other workplace communications, be it in the break room or elsewhere. Any employer who typically uses e-mail to communicate with staff would have to post the information electronically as well,” according to FoxNews.com. [more...]



DREAM Act: The Truth Behind the Nightmare

By Dave Bego


There is no doubt that some type of immigration reform, in concert with strong measures to protect our borders, is necessary and prudent in these challenging times. The questions at hand are how this should be accomplished, and if it is necessary to ram legislation through a “lame duck” session of Congress to achieve this goal? A closer look reveals that current attempts are for selfish political or business purposes instead of for the good of the American people and the Illegals it will impact! Enforcement of our current laws will have a more positive effect on this pressing problem and the financial drain it imposes upon our economy than any new law that could possibly be passed. It will directly benefit the American worker as wages and benefits that have been artificially depressed due to the presence of illegal workers, who are taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses, will begin to rise. [more...]



All Hail Julius!

By Joy Tiz


FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski has secured the president’s blessing to tramp right over the other two branches of government and begin the process of government control over the Internet.  Even the 111th Congress told him to back off.  The federal appeals court in D.C. has ruled that the FCC can’t control the Internet. Julius remains undeterred.  As much as the Bolsheviks in congress love heavy-handed government regulation, they resent the usurpation of their power to choke the life out of business. The one group to benefit if this is allowed to go forward will be the lawyers who can generate countless billable hours trying to interpret the new regulations.  Everyone else loses. [more...]

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