1. Tony Katz: Eric Holder is a Fast and Furious ‘Racer’… and a Liar

2. Wayne Allyn Root: Jews for Tebow

3. Doug Johnson: Why Mitt “Obama-Lite” Romney is Not the Best Choice to Beat Obama

4. James Hirsen: Hollywood Looks for Jingle in Christmas Box Office

5. Christopher Markowski: Can They Kick it?  Yes, They Can



Eric Holder is a Fast and Furious ‘Racer’… and a Liar

By Tony Katz


Attorney General Eric Holder is claiming that there are “racist motivations” from the growing number of people who are looking for him to step down due to Operation Fast and Furious and the resulting murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry. Terry isn’t dead because Holder is black; Terry is dead because Holder is an incompetent attorney general who green-lit a dangerous, ill-conceived program that allowed guns to be sold to non-citizens in the U.S., then didn’t track the guns to their final destination (thus the reason for the term “gunwalker” when talking about Fast and Furious, as the Justice Department just let the guns “walk away”). [more...]



Jews for Tebow

By Wayne Allyn Root


A few days ago when I heard that a prominent Jewish Rabbi had written a commentary criticizing Tim Tebow and worrying about the effect Tebow’s success as a devout Christian and NFL superstar would have on diversity and religious tolerance in America, I was shocked, disgusted, and disappointed. The rabbi’s comments were callous, ignorant, and offensive – coming from a place of fear, anger, weakness, jealousy, and envy. As a Jew, myself, I think Tim Tebow’s remarkable, magical, extraordinary success as an NFL quarterback isn’t just about sports, or his deep faith in Jesus Christ. It’s about leadership. It’s about sportsmanship. It’s about morality. It’s about a foundation of incredible work ethic. It’s about, finally having a superstar athlete who is truly a role model. Tim Tebow should be everyone’s All American; he is the kind of man every American – of any religion – should be proud of. [more...]



Why Mitt “Obama-Lite” Romney is Not the Best Choice to Beat Obama

By Doug Johnson


Mitt Romney may have it all over President Obama when it comes to successful business experience.  But there’s a reason he’s known as “Obama-lite” which should make voters take pause before they choose him as the GOP nominee. Before he was elected, didn’t Barack Obama claim that his administration would be transparent beyond what we’d seen from other presidents?  Quite the contrary; since taking office, we’ve seen no such thing.  Even the press – the very people who supported him and covered for him with softball questions, lies, and false accusations against his competitors – have complained that this administration is too secretive.  In fact, wasn’t it this administration that gave themselves an award for transparency but kept the ceremony closed? [more...]



Hollywood Looks for Jingle in Christmas Box Office

By James Hirsen


Hollywood executives are apprehensive about the slumping box office. For four straight weekends, domestic box-office receipts have come in lower than back in 2010. Stoking entertainment industry fears were this weekend’s box-office numbers, which had two franchise holiday releases garnering surprisingly low revenues in their debuts. In addition, overall movie grosses from the weekend’s top dozen movies hauled in 13 percent less than the 2010 levels. [more...]



Can They Kick it?  Yes, They Can

By Christopher Markowski


On Saturday, the Senate approved, by an 89-10 vote, a two-month extension on payroll tax cuts. What were they thinking? Do Democrats actually believe that postponing a decision for two months that needs to be made for a whole year will bring confidence back to the American people and diminish uncertainty? Republican House Speaker John Boehner made it clear: “We really do believe it is time for the Senate to work with the House to complete our business for the year” - not for a week, not for a couple of months, but for the YEAR. The Keystone pipeline has been a major issue during the debate; a project that will create thousands of jobs was left pending and was being used as a trading card for other agreements. Let’s make it clear, people, “We’ve got two weeks to get it done, let’s do it the right way.” Agree on a long-term solution, create jobs immediately, bring confidence back and, Mr. President, think of the election not as a long-term project but as something that you will have to deal with in a couple of months.

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