1. Doug Johnson: Getting Gingrich to Take Personal Fidelity Pledge is Ridiculous

2. Dave Bego: SEIU Below the Radar

3. Tony Katz: Occupiers Still Exist, Still Don’t Know What They Believe

4. Richard Bernstein: Prostate Cancer – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You



Getting Gingrich to Take Personal Fidelity Pledge is Ridiculous

By Doug Johnson


Politicians sign things, make promises, and do everything they can to get us to believe them.  But the fact is that those promises can be broken just like any other.  The real way to determine how serious someone is about change in their life is to see if their actions have changed over an extended period of time. Newt Gingrich is getting hammered by foes and “friends” alike because of his marital infidelity in the past.  And he should be held accountable for those mistakes.  But an Iowa conservative group getting him to sign a pledge to marital fidelity really means nothing when you get right down to it.  If a person will break the vow they made before God to their spouse, then signing something for someone else is useless. [more...]



SEIU Below the Radar

By Dave Bego


The SEIU’s insidious tentacles continue to infiltrate government and politics at the expense of its own rank and file without attracting national media attention. Interestingly enough, the mainstream media will not peek beneath the covers and investigate reports by employees and employers such as those detailed in The Devil at My Doorstep, who have been abused by the SEIU’s ruthless tactics and/or the reports of corrupt political connections , government infiltration and pay-to-play ties to the current administration. Several interesting stories have surfaced during the past month, yet not one has received the national attention it deserves through investigative journalism by the national mainstream media. [more...]



Occupiers Still Exist, Still Don’t Know What They Believe

By Tony Katz


Occupy Seattle had another run-in with police, resulting in eleven arrests.  In Los Angeles, Occupiers moved to block the port at Long Beach.  300-400 people were in attendance, with two reported arrests. It seems that after three months, the Occupiers still haven’t learned anything. If the message is about the far too familial relationship between Wall Street and the Obama Administration – which is a legitimate message – that is ignored more and more with every arrest.  Being arrested is a part of civil disobedience, but nothing about the Occupiers is civil, and no rational person thinks they are.  [more...]



Prostate Cancer – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

By Richard Bernstein


Several weeks ago, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force issued a recommendation that men no longer need to receive the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test as a way to detect prostate cancer.  The Task Force argued that once prostate cancer is detected, it can lead to more tests and treatments, which can be very costly and unnecessary. In a November 4 Editorial, the Palm Beach Post’s Randy Schultz wrote that not having the PSA test performed on men is simply the price to be paid for lower cost healthcare. He cited estimates that the PSA Testing business costs $30 billion per year and a European study that concludes it takes $5.2 million in treatments (or about 48 men) to save one life from prostate cancer.  While I doubt Europe’s ability to judge American healthcare, I think that injecting a little common sense would go a long way in this conversation. [more...]

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