1. Al Fadi: Are Saudi Women the REAL Kingdom Dilemma?

2. Tony Katz: Romney Makes Bet that Voters Won’t Double Down On

3. Joseph Klein: The Fate of Arizona’s Immigration Law

4. Christopher Markowski: Gangsta Government

5. James Hirsen: Jane Fonda on GOP Candidates: ‘They All Scare Me’



Are Saudi Women the REAL Kingdom Dilemma?

By Al Fadi


Ever since the inception of the Saudi monarchy in 1932, women were marginalized and never had any major role in the political arena. In fact, Saudi women in general, under the country’s strict Sharia Law, have no rights whatsoever – not even equivalent to their female contemporaries in the other Arab states who can work, drive and have a co-op educational system. The main reason for such depravity has to do with their low status under the Islam Shari Law, which drives its main interpretation from the Qur’an. Add to that the strict view of the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which is more dominant in the kingdom. As a result, Saudi women and all other women in the kingdom have no hope at all for any type of equality. [more...]



Romney Makes Bet that Voters Won’t Double Down On

By Tony Katz


After Saturday night’s debate in Iowa, “Newtmentum” is likely to accelerate. What most of the 7.6 million viewers will remember from the debate is Romney, the self-identified calm and collected candidate, committing his first major gaffe of the campaign. Put aside that Romney thinks a smart tactic is reverting back to the “Wanna bet?” argument of 5th grade… but $10,000?  That’s not a bet; that’s the amount of credit card debt that an American family has on one card.  That’s the amount that an American family spends on a car.  That’s the amount of money lost from an American family’s retirement account. [more...]



The Fate of Arizona’s Immigration Law

By Joseph Klein


The U.S. Supreme Court granted a petition for a writ of certiorari to hear an appeal in the case of Arizona v. United States, in which key provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB 1070, were struck down as unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton. The 9th Circuit of Appeals upheld Bolton’s ruling last April. Two of the blocked sections would make it a crime under state law for an undocumented immigrant to be present in the state, fail to register with the federal government and attempt to obtain work or to hold a job without governmental authorization. Another section mandates that law enforcement personnel ask about the immigration status of those they detain (for infractions unrelated to immigration) if there is reason to suspect the detainee may not be in the country legally. The fourth challenged provision allows for the warrantless arrests of individuals whom police officers have probable cause to believe have committed deportable offenses. [more...]



Gangsta Government

By Christopher Markowski


On Wednesday, the International Association of Machinists approved a new contract with Boeing in which the company agreed to make its 737 Max Jet with union labor in Washington State. On Friday the National Labor Relations Board dropped its lawsuit against Boeing’s investment in South Carolina. Isn’t this a bit STRANGE? I feel someone here is taking sides. The NLRB is supposed to make unbiased decisions and yet it’s proven to be another federal agency that cannot be trusted, incapable of making unbiased decisions. Uncle Sam is becoming a gangsta and we are ruled by gangsta government.



Jane Fonda on GOP Candidates: ‘They All Scare Me’

By James Hirsen


Jane Fonda has once again donned her pundit hat, this time to weigh in on the current field of Republican presidential candidates. The liberal actress-activist said that the field of potential GOP nominees is creating a sense of fear in her. Fonda was interviewed Sunday night by CNN’s Piers Morgan, and the subject of President Barack Obama’s Republican opponents came up in their conversation. Fonda was asked which of the GOP candidates impressed her and which ones concerned her. “They all scare me frankly,” Fonda said. “I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates.” [more...]

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