1. James Hirsen: Miley Cyrus’s Bong Video May Trigger New Drug Legislation

2. John LeBoutillier: Person of the Year

3. Wayne Allyn Root: Fraud: Why the Tax Cut Bill is Just an Excuse to Spend Another Trillion Dollars!

4. Joseph Klein: Roadblock Ahead for Obama’s Love Affair with the United Nations




Miley Cyrus’s Bong Video May Trigger New Drug Legislation

By James Hirsen


A two-and-a-half minute video clip of Miley Cyrus made the Internet rounds all weekend long. In it, the teen phenom can be seen inhaling from a glass bong and then giggling, laughing heartily and exclaiming, “Is that me tripping?” Then she utters, “Okay, I’m about to lose it now.” Dad Billy Ray used his Twitter page to share with the public his feelings about the footage. In his posting, he said of the bong incident, “I’m so sad… Sorry, guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. … There is so much beyond my control right now,” he lamented. It turns out that the substance inside the bong was not marijuana as many had initially reported. Instead it was a lesser-known drug, Salvia divinorum, a/k/a. Diviner’s Sage, which is a hallucinogenic substance that is said to produce similar effects to LSD. The drug is part of a tradition of religious practice by Mazatec shamans, who use it to facilitate visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions. [more...]



Person of the Year

By John LeBoutillier


Any objective observer of the entire year would pick the Tea Party as the Person/Thing/Movement of the Year. The Tea Party movement has revolutionized American politics and thus re-focused D.C. on debt, deficits and the faltering American economy. The Tea Party has begun a revolution inside the Republican Party. And they have only just begun; they will be even more potent in 2012. However, the TIME MAGAZINE inside-the-Beltway-and Northeast-D.C.-to-Boston corridor sees Julian Assange and the Wikileaks treasure trove of USG documents as the biggest story of the year. They would probably name him as Person of the Year except he is facing sexual assault charges in Sweden so they will instead make it Wikileaks as the event/revelation of the year. [more...]



Fraud: Why the Tax Cut Bill is Just an Excuse to Spend Another Trillion Dollars! 

By Wayne Allyn Root


Didn’t we just have a historic Tea Party election? Wasn’t the message STOP THE SPENDING, PAY OFF THE DEBT, and STOP THE INSANITY? The message was loud and clear, yet the first major bill after the election adds about one trillion more in debt as we face economic Armageddon – a rapidly approaching debt crisis (that will make Greece look like child’s play), 20% real unemployment, and eventually hyper-inflation that could turn America into Zimbabwe. This is insanity, folks. But hey, what is another trillion in debt among friends? As a small business owner, entrepreneur, and capitalist evangelist, no one has been a bigger cheerleader for lower taxes than I have. Tax cuts leave more money in the hands of those who earned it and deserve it – small business and taxpayers. Their investing and spending of that extra money is what fuels the economic engine that creates jobs to get America out of this mess. [more...]



Roadblock Ahead for Obama’s Love Affair with the United Nations

By Joseph Klein


The Obama administration has a love affair with the United Nations, which it has elevated to center stage of its foreign policy of “engagement” – a euphemism for appeasement. Obama has promised to address America’s “priorities” in the UN and warned that not following “the United Nation’s demands” (sic) would make “all people less safe.” Neither Obama nor his current ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has demonstrated any tangible evidence of pressing for meaningful reforms in the dysfunctional world body. The United States continues to contribute nearly a quarter of the UN’s total budget – far too much. Removing any leverage that we had for insisting on more transparency and accountability in the bloated, corrupt UN bureaucracy, Obama decided to pay up all past amounts owed – hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears accumulated between 2005 and 2008.  His administration has also opposed imposing conditions on payment of UN dues and pledges of voluntary contributions going forward. [more...]

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