1. Joy Tiz: Pelosi Vows to Ignore Will of the People

2. John LeBoutillier: What to Wish For

3. Dave Bego: Fraudsters the Reason Blue States Remained Blue?

4. Wayne Allyn Root: Sports Handicapper Gambles on Becoming President


Pelosi Vows to Ignore Will of the People

By Joy Tiz


The GOP’s top fundraiser, Nancy Pelosi, wasted no time announcing that she has no remorse for destroying her own party.  Anyone else would be hiding out on the family estate, swilling the house Chablis and dodging the media. The shame-proof lame duck instead publicly vowed to protect legislation everybody hates and resoundingly rejected on November 2nd.  Pelosi is especially proud of weaponized ObamaCare, which was forced on America by way of Pelosi and her pole-vaulting, parachuting, and flash bang grenades. [more...]



What to Wish For

By John LeBoutillier


Here is a terrible conundrum: we all want our fellow Americans to do well, to be happy, to find the jobs they desire. We all want the economy to recover – and soon. But if that recovery happens, it is likely that Barack Obama will get the credit (presidents get the blame or credit regardless of what they do) and will be a strong favorite to be re-elected in 2012. Furthermore, his big-government spending spree will be credited with the recovery – just as FDR’s New Deal “cured” the Great Depression. For generations to come, historians, political scientists and economists will once again praise massive federal spending as the sure-fire cure-all for economic problems. [more...]



Fraudsters the Reason Blue States Remained Blue?

By Dave Bego


Last week I explored the possibility of potential election fraud. Coincidentally, states such as Nevada were considered to be high risk for election fraud, and they remained blue states despite the red wave that swept over the rest of the nation. It is important to not push this aside as politics as usual, but rather to investigate and determine whether fraud was, in fact, committed, and if it was, to expose the root causes. If we are ever going to make progress to a true representative system, then intimidation, bribery and coercion must be eliminated and the secret ballot respected. Unfortunately within the government, major corporations and labor unions there are individuals who believe these tactics are acceptable. [more...]



Sports Handicapper Gambles on Becoming President

Now that the Democrats have suffered a historic defeat on election day, a sports handicapper is doubling down on his goal of becoming President in 2012. Wayne Allyn Root is a well-known Vegas sports handicapper and the current front runner to be the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the 2012 presidential race after being the running mate to 2008 nominee Bob Barr. He may seem a long shot, but Root believes that enough Americans would embrace the Libertarian philosophy if they were exposed to it – and to him. [more...]

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