1. Wayne Allyn Root: Explaining the Harry Reid Victory and Tea Party Loss in Nevada

2. Joseph Klein: Watch What Two-Faced Obama Does, Not What He Says

3. Joy Tiz: Obama’s Reality

4. Doug Wead: Who Won the Election?



Explaining the Harry Reid Victory and Tea Party Loss in Nevada

By Wayne Allyn Root
Harry Reid won because: a) Casino bosses DESPERATELY need him in his position of power; b) Teachers’ unions reportedly offered $25 Starbucks gift cards to every teacher in the state…and literally gave every teacher Friday, Monday & Tuesday off for once a year “teachers conferences” so every teacher could vote Democrat to make sure they all keep their jobs and obscene pensions, and also get future obscene raises in a depression; and c) Hispanic workers by the thousands were bussed to polls by Democrats and unions to vote for Reid. How do I know? Because Reid was down by 4 in every poll yet won by 5. That’s a 9-point swing. So it’s pretty obvious what happened. Hispanics voted a straight Democrat ticket – except for the Hispanic Republican candidate for Governor. Hispanics were obviously the key to the election. [more...]



Watch What Two-Faced Obama Does, Not What He Says

By Joseph Klein


Now that voters have sent President Obama a clear message to change course, will he heed it? I don’t think so. Sure, we will hear a call for more bipartisanship. Obama will try to return to his 2008 campaign mantra of post-partisanship and talk about a shared responsibility with the Republicans for governing the country. But this will be two-faced Obama’s way of syndicating the risk of continued failure of his own economic policies to the new Republican majority in the House, in order to set them up as the “do nothing” Congress in the 2012 elections. [more...]



Obama’s Reality

By Joy Tiz


George Neumayr at The American Spectator points to Obama’s exceptionally absurd and maudlin whining about how nobody is filming all of the moments of great anguish he suffers in his deep concern for the well-being of the American people. Obama’s response to the utter destruction of his party on election night was predictable enough.  The Narcissist in Chief is not about to suddenly develop some awareness of how his behavior affects others.  If he had that ability, he’d be far less menacing. The truth is, he considers us far too ignorant to appreciate his superior understanding of how the world operates.  Like many narcissists, he is abusive – he lies to us, humiliates us, demeans us and even “gaslights” us.  Constantly telling us that things are getting better when we know they’re not is crazy-making.  To emphasize his complete inability to grasp reality, Obama is going to punctuate Tuesday’s devastating losses with a $200 million per day trip to India.  Because nothing says “I feel your pain” like cavorting around with an entourage of forty planes and three thousand humans. [more...]



Who Won the Election?

By Doug Wead


What can we learn from the election?  And what does it mean for 2012? We learn that Barack Obama’s re-election as president is now far more problematic. Sure, anything can happen.  The whole world can change in 30 days.  But right now, Obama is in trouble. But didn’t Reagan and Clinton suffer setbacks in the congressional elections during their second years in office and still recover, winning re-election? you might ask. Yes, but this setback is more severe and it is more intense.  Polling shows that.  I’ll put it this way, neither Reagan nor Clinton had a gubernatorial candidate from their own party tell them to take their endorsement and shove it. And then there is the issue of where the battles took place. The Republicans won big in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and even the governor’s office in Michigan.  These are all critical, key presidential swing states.  With two exceptions, you didn’t see that in the Reagan – Clinton off year congressional losses. [more...]

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