1. Dave Bego: The Decline of American Exceptionalism

2. Joseph Klein: The Obama Administration Benefits From WikiLeaks

3. Joy Tiz: The Unions Have Won

4. James Hirsen: Could ‘Toy Story 3′ Be the First Best Picture Toon?



The Decline of American Exceptionalism

By Dave Bego


Government policies and politics are ruining this great country and sending it on a downward spiral. At one time it was providing the highest standard of living from top to bottom, above any nation in history, but now it is steadily sliding towards abject socialism! The truly sad part is that we have too many willing participants! These are people who enjoy being cared for and having no personal responsibility. The government is changing the “national character,” and slowly destroying the greatest hope the world has ever experienced. Government entitlements, regulations, elitists, extremists and today’s big labor policies are attempting to destroy the free markets and, along with it, America’s competitiveness and ingenuity. People increasingly have little incentive to invent, to work hard, or to improve their lot in life and the lives of others because the government continues to build an entitlement-dependent society. Slowly and methodically, the failure of each and every person to take responsibility and accountability for their own destiny will spell death for this great nation. Self-esteem will continue to slip away as government becomes the “parent” from cradle to grave. [more...]



The Obama Administration Benefits From WikiLeaks

By Joseph Klein


I think that there is even more to the story about the WikiLeaks releases. I believe that the leaks serve the Obama administration‘s purposes to get certain so-called confidential materials out in the public arena, knowing that the media outlets most likely to publish the materials would spin them in a way that would help buff Obama’s image of himself as a strong leader even if it meant embarrassing foreign leaders and diplomats in the process. Obamamedia like the New York Times would be expected to use the materials to show the Bush administration’s foreign policies in the worst possible light, and the Obama administration’s policies in a highly favorable light. Previous WikiLeak releases regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example, have been spun as supporting the Obama administration’s narrative that Bush had acted in an irresponsibly unilateral, militarist manner. The current selective leaks of State Department materials run through February 2010. They appear designed to show the futility of Bush policies towards our enemies and to elicit sympathetic media analyses emphasizing the virtues of Obama’s “multilateralist engagement” approach. [more...]



The Unions Have Won

By Joy Tiz


It was a year ago that Obama nominated Erroll Southers for the top position at TSA. Union sycophant Southers had to drop out of the nominating process, but Obama never did give up the idea of unionizing the TSA. Union hacks previously lauded the choice of Southers. Imagine airline security being run with the ultra smooth efficiency that ran American car companies into the ground. Obama, who is co-owned by the unions and George Soros, will gleefully politicize the TSA. Imagine fire-proofed airport screeners with thoroughly nefarious union bosses directing our airline security. As of 2001, TSA employees had been barred from engaging in collective bargaining.  The Democrats undid the ban in 2007 and TSA Chief Incompetent, Janet Napolitano openly supported the unionization of airline security. [more...]



Could ‘Toy Story 3′ Be the First Best Picture Toon?

By James Hirsen


A particular Oscar campaign that may be of interest to movie-loving conservatives is one that involves Disney. The Mouse House is going after a nomination in the Best Picture category for “Toy Story 3.” The company is running ads in trade publications that show past Best Picture Oscar winners such as “Shakespeare in Love” with “Toy Story” characters superimposed. Back in the 1990s, another Disney flick, “Beauty and the Beast,” picked up a Best Picture nomination, and Disney is hungry for the win. “Toy Story 3″ has a better chance of getting the nomination under the new rules, which expanded the category from five to 10 films. Under the 10-picture rule, the studio scored a nomination in the Best Picture category for “Up” last year. [more...]

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