1. Wayne Allyn Root: Privatize and Profile: Two Simple Solutions to Solve the TSA National Security Mess

2. Joseph Klein: Trashing the Constitution

3. Dick Bishirjian: Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

4. Joy Tiz: Alarmed By Drudge

5. James Hirsen: Sarah Palin Takes Gawker to Court



Privatize and Profile: Two Simple Solutions to Solve the TSA National Security Mess

By Wayne Allyn Root


Usually creeps go to prison for feeling up women and young children. It’s called “sexual assault” or “child molestation.” But now our own government calls it legal if done by TSA agents in the name of “national security.” Just more proof that virtually everything government does, they fail at miserably. The TSA is Exhibit A for how to muck up both national security and the privacy and civil liberties of American citizens. There are two simple solutions to this TSA mess. First and most importantly, hand airline security over to the private sector. Let airlines manage their own security, with their own private security forces. Get government out of the way. Government isn’t the solution; they are the problem. The simple Part Two of this solution is to end political correctness – private airlines can best prevent terrorism by adopting the Israeli model of profiling. No, not racial profiling, but rather “terrorist threat profiling.” [more...]



Trashing the Constitution

By Joseph Klein


James P. Rubin, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs during the Clinton administration, wrote an op-ed article on November 22nd in the New York Times entitled “Farewell to the Age of the Treaty.” Rubin complains that it is too difficult to get treaties ratified under our constitutional process, which requires approval by two-thirds of the Senate. Like all devoted progressives, his answer is to forget about the Constitution altogether. Rubin would prefer to pretend that START and other treaties are not treaties at all. Just call them something else and they’ll slide through. Enact them through a simple legislative majority as if they were domestic laws, he suggests. And if that does not work, just end-run Congress altogether and use “executive agreements.” This essentially is the same suggestion that the left-wing Center for American Progress is making to end-run Congress in order to push through the rest of the domestic progressive agenda. [more...]



Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

By Dick Bishirjian


Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough created a television talk show based on a novel political business model. The idea on which this model is based asserts that we Americans of all different persuasions actually are similarly rooted in a common center. Black, white, yellow, brown, Protestant, Catholic and Jew and maybe even Muslim really hover within a range of ideas that never fully move too far left or right. Therefore, we all should love one another. The parade of witnesses brought to Joe Scarborough’s early morning show on MSNBC are greeted with hugs as Joe tries to find the middle ground that unites them all. It becomes a bit strained when only Pat Buchanan represents the right side of America’s political spectrum and everyone else on Joe’s show is a Leftie, but that doesn’t deter Joe Scarborough. He’s a happy guy and wants everyone to feel happy too. In 2008 before the Democratic and Republican national conventions, Joe was hugging and kissing everyone. After the election when President Barack Obama revealed that he was not rooted in the center of America’s political spectrum and planned to use all his powers to move American politics in the direction of European-style socialism, Joe’s business model began to look broken. [more...]



Alarmed By Drudge

By Joy Tiz


Hot Air is lauding Drudge for his yeoman’s work in generating hysteria over the TSA’s new “enhanced” screening tactics.  So now we are to honor Drudge for resorting to the same tricks we despise when the MSM does it? Drudge posted phony photos of a nude German model as representative of a TSA body scanner image.  He posted Photoshop images and scanned images from a courthouse in Florida.  He posted video that was taken years before the new procedures were in place (just look at the TSA uniforms). No story was too outlandish to bother vetting as long as it enhanced the general histrionics. Drudge posted anything and everything he could find that would raise the collective ire, whether it was phony or didn’t matter. The hatefulness directed at government employees is the kind we normally associate with liberals frothing at the mouth over Sarah Palin. All it’s going to take is one incident of a TSA agent assaulted and the left will have everything it ever needed to paint the right as the crazy, violent anarchists they always believed we were. [more...]



Sarah Palin Takes Gawker to Court

By James Hirsen


It all started last week, when some goofs at Gawker published images of 21 pages from Sarah Palin’s latest book. For bad measure, they added the book’s dedication page. The next day Palin posted the following on her Twitter page: “The publishing world is LEAKING out-of-context excerpts of my book w/out my permission. Isn’t that illegal?” Gawker refused to take down the excerpt, despite having received a letter demanding that action. Instead the site posted a taunt with the title “Sarah Palin is Mad at Us for Leaking Pages From Her Book.” The post instructed Palin to read pages on fair use as it pertains to copyright law, adding that she might “skip the totally boring reading and call one of your lawyers.” [more...]

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