1. Wayne Allyn Root: Supercommittee Sellout?

2. Christopher Markowski: A Super Duper Failure

3. Joseph Klein: CAIR’s Campaign Against the Truth

4. Andrew Campanella: Taxpayers Have No Responsibility to Pay Off My Student Loans

5. Doug Johnson: Upcoming Debt Panel Failure Should Cause Presidential Candidates to Learn a Lesson From Ron Paul

6. James Hirsen: Media Attention Prompted Natalie Wood Case to Be Reopened



Supercommittee Sellout?

By Wayne Allyn Root


The congressional supercommittee tasked with cutting the debt is almost out of time. Good. Run out the clock. If its members do not come to an agreement, we’ll be forced to accept automatic across-the-board cuts to spending – including defense spending. That’s exactly what America needs. But our GOP friends, the ones who supposedly are defending capitalism from President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, are scared. They are shaking in their boots at the reality of across-the-board spending cuts. Despite all their bold talk about cutting spending, they lack the courage actually to do it. [more...]



A Super Duper Failure

By Christopher Markowski


The clock is ticking and both Super Committee parties refuse to compromise. Democrats are continuing to seek for more spending by writing new bills through the super committee process such as the ridiculous “Secret Farm Bill.” Republicans are frustrated by the Democrats’ delay to respond to their proposal for cutting the deficit by $1.2 trillion and include $250 billion in tax increases. Since August, the country has issued $700 billion in debt and in the next few days the total U.S. debt will be almost $15.1 trillion. With the deadline set on November 23, and without any signs of an agreement, it is clear that this bastardization our political process is NOT functioning.  



CAIR’s Campaign Against the Truth

By Joseph Klein


The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) is continuing its relentless pressure on federal and local elected officials to suppress the truth about the radical Islamist agenda and the dangers posed by homegrown jihadists. The latest example is CAIR’s campaign, announced on November 15th, in which fifteen of its chapters nationwide have filed 87 separate public records requests regarding alleged “Islamophobic” training of local, state and national law enforcement personnel. CAIR said it was seeking information about state-level programs that may have used federal taxpayer dollars to fund what it called “anti-Muslim trainers.” [more...]



Taxpayers Have No Responsibility to Pay Off My Student Loans

By Andrew Campanella


When did student loans become a bad thing? When did the repayment of those loans come to constitute an unfair burden on the individuals who readily accepted money to go to the colleges and universities of their choice? If you listen to the Occupy Wall Street cabal, to the patron saint of Occupy – so-called “consumer advocate” Elizabeth Warren – and to a growing number of lawmakers at the state and federal levels, student loan providers are loan sharks who cruelly “profit” off of unwitting kids. These loans should be written off, forgiven and ridiculously restructured, they argue. They’re wrong. [more...]



Upcoming Debt Panel Failure Should Cause Presidential Candidates to Learn a Lesson From Ron Paul

By Doug Johnson


Ron Paul is rising in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.  His views may be considered fringe or crazy by the media, Democrats and the establishment Republican elite, but some of those ideas are getting serious attention from voters who are worried about the economy and the future.  Even with a deadline this week, the Debt Panel (also called the Super Committee) is going to fail.  Even if they should come to an agreement, there will be a backlash at the voting booth next fall for not truly having dealt with our economic problems.  Many voters don’t see Congress, the President, or the presidential candidates taking the economy seriously enough. [more...]



Media Attention Prompted Natalie Wood Case to Be Reopened

By James Hirsen


Thirty years after the mysterious death of Natalie Wood a homicide investigation has been opened up to delve into the circumstances surrounding her drowning. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore originally said the renewed investigation was initiated as a result of recent unspecified information about Wood’s case. However, as news reports circulated that the Wood case was going to be reopened, the key catalyst for the determination may have been media derived. [more...]

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